No Adventures in SL

Not for Orcsibaby. 😦

Believe it or not, your great goddess-like (but yet so very humble) editrix wanted to go on a little road trip today. With her new camper van. And show you some of the sights and sounds (stupid girl, how can you show sounds?) of some SL mainland continent. Nice, eh? Cool little drive, exciting read for y’all! 5 minutes of your precious time well spent.

But when I logged on …


My good old Skinnery skin! The one I’m wearing since 5 million years! Where is it? WTactualF? I tried everything, took my clothes off – not that it would help you much, since there’s nothing to see here. Tried on different skins but it only changed my noggin. I turned into a Giger-esque sexy alien, a heavily battle-scarred emo girl, an Asian and a blue-black negroid. But always only the face. My fukn carcass stayed vampire-white. Just a blank. And system clothes (the painted-on type) didn’t show neither. 😦 What showed without a problem was of course my mesh footsies. Thought them necessary since I’m barefoot most of the time anyway. Don’t say I’m not a modern woman. I’m going with the times, mhm. 😉

No way I’ll show myself in this state anywhere around the grid! 😦

Is this one of the not-too-subtle ways of LL to help the designers and business people of SL and drive all us oldbies out of our traditional bodies and skins? By disabling our assset servers? Hmm, can’t be. According to my inventory I am wearing my skin. They just phased out the body or what? Or is it  my GTX-770 can’t handle all the prettyness?

Anyhoo, I want my skin back!!!

Or should I finally give up and  …


NO! Now I’m angry and will stick to my old-school cartoon physique for extra long! So, basta! And look at all the new fashion bodies. Look! Totally overdone asses, unsightly, totally unrealistic titties … they look even more plastique than 2007 selfmade Orca.

-bus- Physics 2019 Belleza Mesh Body
What is that, please? Must have been a boy who came up with such a bimbo shape. 😮

Such a rack, sticking out almost horizontally, defying all gravity, without even a wonderbra? That’s so not me! Any of you meshily not so challenged ladies got any ideas of how to make me bootifull again? Are there maybe some more realistic mesh bodies available, without having to dip into a pre-teen kiddy body? You know, pretty flat chested, flat arsed, long-legged, muscular, not a single ounce of fat too much, yoga-ish sporty physique?

Noooooooooo! Not like that! 😮

Holy Jeeebuz on a moped! 😦

More like so:

Voir - YOGA  AO
 I wanna body like that!

Trap? Lucy? All my female readers? Come on, help me out here bitches ladies. Unspazz me!!!



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