Anglisi for Beginners, Pt. III

Mörnsen, another typical mistake, made often by people who are playing it by ear instead of reading and knowing their own language:

Just an example of where I’ve seen this atrocity last.

Verses is the plural of verse, which means … ugh look for yourself:


Even I was surprised to find so many results pointing to the Christian bible. Only very few pointing to the Qur’an. And no links to the real meaning. 😮 Always thought verse and verses were terms as generally used in poetry writing. Like here:

The gold standard.

Now let’s see what most of the language butchers really wanted to communicate: Versus = compared to / against. Look:

The boys n gurlz at Cambridge uni are a clever bunch and know what they’re talking about.

Ich helfe wo ich kann. =^.^=



  1. Reblogged this on The Swamp Hermit's Report and commented:
    ANTIFA ‘word police’ on patrol again…this one proves that Hitler’s attempt at creating a Master Race was a failure…total failure with the results being “ANTIFA” and a lot of Germans who ooze hatred from their pores (or is it pours?).

    However, this does not mean that we point our fingers at people who use it thusly, and laugh and snigger. It simply means that we do not provide variant forms of versus (the way we do for its abbreviations, which may be rendered as vs, vs., or v), as such use is not widespread or established enough to warrant inclusion.

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    • Pls refer to my comment on Swamp Hermit’s blog for then first paragraph.

      I don’t understand much after the “However”. Who is the “we” Karmi’s talking about? I didn’t laugh and snigger neither, quite the contrary. Seeing versus and verses – two totally different terms – confused by grown up persons gives me the shivers and I feel unease and discomfort.

      The second part with the abbreviations I didn’t get at all. It’s insignificant as Karmi used the full word “verses”, for which no abbreviation exists or is necessary anyway. It’s the wrong term in the context of his blogpost. That’s all. Not a laughing matter. And I guess most antifa activists would hate me for my neural condition as well as Karmi does.


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