*EDIT* Happy Birthday China

Ooooooo, that’s so exciting! 70 years old and stronger than ever before, how is big wig chairman of the partay and master of ceremonies Ping Pong gonna celebrate his peepoles republic?

Of course with a military show. The greatest parade ever, makes even the Russians look small in comparison. Roundabout 30 gazillion tanks and choppers and rocket thingies and badly copied Humvees and jet fighters and soldatshniks and soldat-chicks. All in their bestest uniforms and looking all impressive and smug. Look:

We just watched it live on YouTube and are adequately impressed, and peed in our undies coz we so afraid. 😮 I hope the next shipment from Ali Express will come through without any problems. 😉

Of course all the festivities for the 70th burfday draw a lot of crowds …

But the Chinks are a clever bunch, they will manage. Look, even their munkies are above average intelligence:

And it’s still going on. Massive parade … soo many Chinese, so much joy. And then the parade turned into kinda carnival …


One closely-watched weapon unveiled Tuesday was the Dongfeng-17, a glider capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. Foreign analysts say is designed to maneuver at high speed to evade anti-missile defenses.

Another missile displayed, the Dongfeng-41, is believed to have a range of up to 15,000 kilometers (9,400 miles), which would make it world’s longest-range military missile. Analysts say it may be able to carry as many as 10 warheads to hit separate targets.


Be afraid, be very afraid! So, America, please don’t try to invade China.



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