Why? Why? Why?


As you have gathered from the title, your host and editrix – and overall lazy gurl – is full of … questions. Yes, that too. :/

I’m just half-heartedly busy watching a video by Tom of the Switched to Linux YouTube channel about the upcoming next Ubuntu version 19.10 and some problems he has with Canonical’s decisions and shortcomings of the Beta of the new version. Looksie here:

And then it hit me!

Why on fukin earth are people putting up with all that shit? Having to install a new version of their OS, like every 6 months, or at least every 3 years or so. Going thru all the problems with unfinished half-arsed shit, having to get their inner geek out, just to end up with a pretty mediocre Linux OS.On fukn, still unbelievably bad, Gnome 3.xx desktop.

And what’s all the new tec they introduce now: Snap Store, Flatpaks, lots of scattered repositories and stuff nobody needs to run their computers. What’s all that?

Is Canonical’s Ubuntu maybe a real Linux distro afterall? If they wanna admit it or not. Is Ubuntu an oldschool Linux distro, a kiddy toy a toolbox, a haven and therapeutic cure for tinkerers and script kiddies? Never really use it in earnest, don’t write your university stuff on it, don’t edit your videos on it, don’t use it as home theatre? Just use it as a tinkerer’s crafts box?

Come on, I know we gurlies are always being blamed for treating our computers and the software in a utilitarian way, like kitchen appliances. We don’t breathe and dream computers, we use them. End of story. When talking about Linux we’re talking about an operating system, the most boring part of any computer. I, for myself, switched to Linux to make my life easier, to get away from Microsoft’s increasingly stupid and mean methods.

And Canonical wibbly wobbly follows in Microsoft’s footsteps. 😦

That’s also the reason why I’m on ArchLinux now: Learn it once, do your updates, never bother again for the rest of your life, or your computer’s life, whatever comes first. πŸ™‚

Girls, you know Orcsibaby don’t like Ubuntu or any *buntu, but accepts Linux Mint coz it is exactly what its mothership can’t and won’t deliver: Easy peasy computing right out of the box, no tinkering, no geeking out. Of course she likes Arch derivatives even more. And she does so for reasons, very good reasons, if I say so myself. πŸ™‚



  1. πŸ€” That has got to be the worst beta version of Ubuntu that I have ever seen.

    I saw Tom’s live stream. He endured a lot in order to show us what Ubuntu 19.10 was all about.

    Now, to be fair, it is in Beta and the folks over at Canonical would work out the majority of the bugs before Ubuntu 19.10’s official release date.

    In my case, I no longer do interim releases; I am much happier with rolling release distributions of Linux like Solus and Arch Linux.

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    • Good boy. Very good Boiiiiiii! πŸ™‚
      I didn’t watch the live stream, as I almost never do. Particularly when it’s about Ubuntu stuff. But I heard Tom saying Canonical are stupid because they try to cling to a release schedule, thus putting pressure onto themselves. Look at the mighty Debian; they don’t give a wet towel about schedules n shit. πŸ™‚

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