Manjaro 18.1.0 Cinnamon

Guten Tag Leute,

I should be sailing now, continuing my legendary Grand Tour. I should. Yes. I fukn know that myself. Shut up and go away! :/

So, with that outta the way let me talk a bit about Linux, why don’t I? As you’ve seen from the title, I’ve revisited my old favourite Linux distro, which I used for the longest time – since 2013 until early 2018 actually – as my daily rider, my ‘production system’, if you wanna call some SL playing, movie pirat… file sharing and blogging being productive that is. 😉

Well, I swapped Manjaro for Namib because of stability reasons. They never gave my favourite Mate desktop the love it needed and broke it kinda regularly in each 3rd or 4th system update. But lately I’m hearing good things about the good old Manjo and thought why not give it another run. And to make this a useful writeup I choose the Cinnamon desktop environment, as you kow and love it from your Linux Mint installations. I guess 99.97% of Thar She Blows! readers are on Mint by now, right? So let’s play with Manjaro 18.1.0 for a bit and compare it to your Minty goodness. Look:

Directly after installation Manjaro gives you one of the most well-populized welcome screens in the business. Still if you know your way around Linux this is probably the last time you’ll see it. So we close that shit and tell it not to bother us again. Anyhoo, 18.1.0 isn’t a new ‘version’ of Manjaro per se. We don’t have new versions in Rolling Distros, so 18.1.0 is just another snapshot in a long line of system snapshots. If you were on Manjaro since years, and always did your updates your old original system should be on the same level by now.
Away with the Welcome Screen we see a rather dark-ish Cinnamon desktop, as the young people from today love them so much. Oldfashioned auntie Orcsi’s gonna change that and make it more friendly-ish. 😉
The system controls should look familiar to every Cinnamon user. The ‘super geeky’ Arch system Manjaro is no different in that regard. It’s easy to Point n Click thru all the shit and make adjustments were you want them.
What connoisseurs of Cinnamon love: A rich grab bag of readily available Themes and Window symbols and decorations. See, Orca chose a friendly Mint grey theme. 😉
Since 18.1.0 was released just a few days ago, the initial update only contains new versions of the most sensible browser and email program. A very quick affair. I guess in its normal guise Manjaro updates only once a week or fortnightly, so there’s no hectic 100 times a day updates. Combine that with the LTS Kernel and you’re almost on Debian and MX levels of boredom. =^.^=
Cinnamon menu is comfortable and should be an old acquaintance for most of you. You shall find everything you can possibly want and/or need in there.
Not typical for other Linux distros but very typical, for outstanding ArchLinux derivatives: Choose your own Kernel, your own lifestyle. Superduper fresh and up-to-date or boring long term support. And it’s YOUR FUKN CHOICE, PEOPLE!
As not to be expected any differently, connection to the interwebz and ergo Orca’s little bloggy is a breeze.
Then a shock! 😮 I fail to install the Singularity viewer from the AUR. 😮 Oy vey … :/
But installation of Firefox (here in Phoenix mode) works without any problems. And I repeat: Installing software thru the Terminal is faster and more elegant and needs much less clicking in the internet than the usual method. No need to even visit any project website. Ugh, say, did my teets grow or wot? It was never my intent and I can’t even remember them being so huuuge. 😮

Orca’s fazit:

I’m smitten!

No shit, I gotta admit Manjaro is the bestest most complete Linux distro on the “market” right now, as it was since years. Personally I have no idea how and why MX grabbed the #1 position on the DistroWatch charts, Manjaro is so much more than MX will ever be. More versatile, more user-friendly, more girlfriendly, more everything.

It’s also easy to install and to operate (depending on your chosen desktop), and no, there is no need for you to use the Terminal. You’re able to do everything with mouseclickery, like a good girl. EVERYTHING! Of course is the Terminal thousand times cooler but you don’t have to use it. Okay?

So I say it again: As soon as you’re truly at home in your Mint, I see no reason not to branch out into the coolest corner of the cool corner of the schoolyard, where the kidz aren’t just smoking but smoking the funny smelling sport cigarettes. 😉 It’s a good place to be.

Of course, and now we’re entering geek territory where Orca shouldn’t have no business neither, but I gotta tell you that Manjaro is NOT the bestest ArchLinux fork-off. In that highly specialized corner of Linux there are indeed besterer distros waiting for the stuntgurlz among us. The Manjaro guys make no secret about not being a real ArchLinux. Manjo is Arch-based  but has its very own repositories. And at least they give us access to the Arch User Repository (AUR), and that is the best thing that can ever happen to you. And still you won’t need to use the Terminal, not even for that nerd paradise! But let’s not go deep into that topic. Just so you know, it’s all there. For you! And Manjaro is the easiest and least painful segue into Archland.

One more thing, if I may:

Our friend Jack M. Germain made a writeup for Manjaro 18.1.0 that sounds more like a paid ad. :/ It’s very unlike him. Or … he’s similarly taken by Manjo as I am. Anyway, I order you to read his far more betterer and professionellerer expertise here …

I’d have so much to say about this article

Yeah, I really had to say a lot of things about Jack’s kinda fluffy article but let’s not go there now. Let’s rather go in the smoking corner where the real kool kidz hang out, and let’s join their purring warm chitchat about ArchLinux love.


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