Quick n Dirty

… kinda review of LXLE Linux. I once kinda liked that stupid distro but that was years and years ago, in a time before time; and not even then did I honestly take it into account as an honest workhorse system. If I had hardware as weak as only accepting this ultra lightweight distro on *buntu base, I’d rather kick it in the bin and get a new ‘puter.

Let me show you why I think LXLE stinks:

The desktop just after installation of this pretty new version tells us nothing but we know LXLE is still on LSLE and not the more modern LXQt desktop environment. Won’t make much of a difference in its pretty restricted use anyway. :/
Jeeze, did they go light! The Seamonkey browser lacks everything that would make it usable for housewives. Maybe it renders a website splitseconds faster than Firefox but I’d have to spend lots of time figuring out how to do the most basic things. Stupid. :/
They have some nice wallpapers. That’s a good thing, no? But the menu? Not even a search bar. 😮
Also lightweight for no reason: Instead of the famous and versatile Libre Office suite they gave us Abiword. Only a word processor, no other programs accompanying it.
And then the most important test: Installation and start of Singularity SL viewer fails. 😦
But hey, at least I can get to my own bloggo. \o/ Hoo! \o/ But, although I registered with WordPress just a second earlier I’m not recognized as owner and can’t write a blog or do administrative work. Have I mentioned that Thar She Blows! is my own fukn blog? I’m even premium user and pay my annual service fee, ffs!!! 😮
The terminal refuses to execute even the most simple commands. 😦

Ok, 10 minutes test and I can tell you already that LXLE is pure and utter crap! Not worth your time, or mine. I know it has lots of true fans and hardcore users, and I also know that most my problems with LXLE can be sorted out, maybe even quite quickly. But why bother? I’m a spoiled housewife, a delicate and tender human being. Kinda precious  n stuff. And I deserve … and got better shit. There are roundabout 23 gazillion Linux distros in existence and most some of them are so much betterer than this ‘poor people OS’.

Will have another look at a new Manjaro version (18.1.0) shortly and check that for housewife-ability.





  1. Welllll… I think the developer hates Qt and probably intends to avoid it for as long as possible. That’s a mistake, I think, since Razor Qt was pretty cool IMO. Besides, even KDE has become a lot less resource-intensive than it used to be, actually rivaling Xfce now!

    But Seamonkey is awesome, sorry. It has thousands fewer lines of code than Firefox, yet it does what both Firefox and Thunderbird do! It’s an excellent choice for a lightweight browser IMO. It’s harder to get add-ons for, but I don’t use a lot of those anyway, just Ublock Origin really, and a modern theme.

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    • I tried to use Seamonkey as my daily driver browser but gave up after a couple days. I forgot why now, probably was something about me being a spoiled brat and Seamonkey too utilitarian. :/


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