Hesitantly I Joined

What? What did ya do bish?

I opted into this:



Ok, let Inara and Daniel explainify the SLBN. You know it’s the thing Xiola and Berry made an interview with Kess in the latest Lab Gab show about. Yes, you remember correctly, your editrix and your most fave bloggy already was member of something similar, some blog register or so. But that thing never really came to be and is dead and forgotten by now.

But the all-new SL Blogger Network is official, and officially supported by Linden Lab. And Inara herself was even instrumental in the creation of this new network, so I put quite some hope in it and kinda know it’s gonna work out. Now I only need to go on with my weird murky mix of badly reasearched communist computer operating systems nonsense and wait for the masses of SL  dummies to sign up and follow my bloggo. 🙂

And then  I’m gonna make millions of frens, frenemies and woolongs!

\o/ YAY! \o/



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