Your Very Own Battle Mech!

The future is now!

At least the most exciting aspect of the future. Your very own Battlemech! The dream of every boy and girl on the planet.

And you can have it … for only 50k woolongs.

The right vehicle for a delighful outing with your granny?

Now I’ve really seen it all. 😮 And this time I mean it! 😉

The mech runs on a Corvette engine, but maintenance on the hydraulics, tire treads, and general mechanical upkeep are a lot more demanding and expensive than your average hot rod. Shipping Eagle Prime to wherever you are will require a flatbed truck, costing between $4,000 if you’re on the West Coast and $17,000 to the East Coast. Sending the robot on an international journey could set you back around $50,000.

Happy bidding everybody!

It’s also perfect as my mobile blogging office, no?


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