Second Life’s Lab Gab with Xiola and Strawberry – Episode 3 – Interview with Kess Crystal

Special interview guest this time: Kess Crystal.

As a basically good girl and WordPress blogger of course me, too, subscribbled, read and like Kess’ blog on a daily basis. 😉

Links to topics discussed in this episode:

Kess Crystal’s Blog –


The Bloggies –

Mainstore SL –

Second Life Community Pages –


Lab Gab is a live streaming show hosted by Xiola and Strawberry Linden.

Join them on Wednesday, September 25th at 3pm PT.

Details here:…


Keep an eye on the Second Life blog and social media for future announcements about the show:…

All in all I gotta say I’m positively surprised about how Xiola and Berry are handling the show now. I’m not particularly interested in the topic but I couldn’t help but notice how much better the show has become. After a – at least in my eyes – wobbly beginning in the debut show, particularly Xiola has found a nice natural flow of presentation, supported by a less talkative Berry. This is  totally atypical for a coffee klatsch with three ladies, particularly in America. Contrary to their usual talkshow “culture” they don’t all talk at the same time and into each other but handling the live situaton very disciplined and respectfully.



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