What a Surprise, NOT!

Or did you expect a different result?

I dunno if Daniel tried to troll us with this poll us or act the communist party chairman or just wanted to see a landslide result once in his lifetime. But it’s indeed kinda satisfactory to see the user base pulling at one string for once. And it’s not as if any SL resident had ever wished for the last names to be removed in the first place. It was a mucked up idea by The Lab back then (I guess M was the CEO at that dark time) and everybody was up in arms about it. All The Lab could say in their defense was some geeky technical shit – database wishywashy – which only proved – once again – they didn’t understand and had no clue of their own product.

Anyway, the comeback of last names is discussed, also by The Lab, already since quite a while, and now it seems they are indeed coming to their senses. Daniel writes:

It’s good the lab are still thinking about returning Last Names but giving no projected time estimations on when that will happen is just not good enough sadly. During the past year including the recent Second Life birthday celebrations the lab have been saying “it’s still being worked on” and there are still complications associated with this process.

Otoh, most of us oldbies, we don’t care. We already have our mains and alts sporting traditional legacy first and last names … like real persons with some sorta dignity. I and many other older avies never accepted to view SL as a game, and we saw and still see our avies as more than just game figures. They are virtual persons, even if not always in human guise, and behind each avatar you see in Second Life is a real person, and most of us have one or more first names and one or more last names. And so should our avies as well.



  1. It seems most of the community wants the return of last names to happen. I was saying the blog post the lab needs to get on with it and roll this out instead of delaying it for more years.

    Get rid of “Resident” for all new signups and replace with it with a drop down choice list of last names that changes every so often is what I think should happen. Then leave it to that.

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    • Zacly, and I can’t even fathom why they are not able to do that again. I understand back when they got rid of last names they didn’t have enough money and server power but today it should be easy peasy, even for The Lab.


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