Not My Day :/

Maybe you know this. Those days when you just can’t get anything done, or not done right.

Well, I have such a day today.

Can’t even get some decent blogging done. :/

Wanted to go on with my cruise but felt too flakey and not really motivated. I’d not had enough patience and  the right mindset for a nice explorative sailing trip. Then went to my parcel for playing with buildings. Forgetting everything, nervously clicked shitty and accidently deleted the habitats on my parcel. 😮

Then noticed a huge number of old, very old and very very old friends are online right now but was so overwhelmed by the amount of chitchat I’d bring on myself if I started a IM convo with any of them. Imagined it as even more heightened stress, so I quickly, like a cucaracha, weaseled out of SL before any of them noticed me. 😮

So the only thing I managed to do today was rezzing this beautiful scifi-ish office building. And then off with me to RL.

Pheew, feeling save again. 🙂


Is by ~Isil~, looks like Tokio 2038. Four floors, perfect for a lot of shit: OrCafé, onsen, ArchLinux info center, and of course editorial office for Thar She Blows on the 4th floor. And since it’s totally modular, I will embigenize it and maybe put one or two more storeys on top.

This gonna be cool for cats. =^.^=


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