Vanilla ArchLinux, Pt. I

Ohayo, friends of the cultivated computer operating system. Bugger off to the rest of you lot. ๐Ÿ˜‰ News from SL hopefully later today, but for now I’m gonna start a new series about some lame computer topic.

Hey, you know I’m a huge fangurl of GNU/Linux and particularly of the ArchLinux distro. Since Arch is rather impossible to install for a stupid housewife I usually exclusively used easy to install and complete Arch derivatives like Manjaro or my recent system Namib GNU/Linux. Yes, I know Namib is pretty close to “real” Arch, but still curious me wants to experience if there is any difference. So I used an Arch Installer called ZenInstaller, and with that installed a real, unaltered standard ArchLinux directly on my new pride and joy, Gagamore. This will be the pure Arch test machine for the next couple days or weeks.

By now you have probably watched eznix’s video about how he installed Arch with the Zen Installer, which I did kinda the same. Only I installed it on the metal and not on a virtual machine. And I choose the Mate Desktop Environment (you know me, so no surprise) where Eznix decided on LXQt.

But for now lets have a first peek into what I did and how far I came:

Of course, and as I was warned of, yesterday my first attempt failed. I ended up with an empty screen and a DOS-like input prompt. Hey, I’m a fukn housewife, that shit wayyy to geeky for me. Today tried again, did everything exactly as yesterday and … SUCCESS! Boiz n gurlz, this fuglyness is the standard Mate desktop. Yes, I know, if I wouldn’t know how to kneat and bend it to my will, I wouldn’t use it neither.
Couple minutes later we look already serviceable. Still no custom wallpaper but my panel is on the bottom, where I want it.
Next step of course: Firefox, which I decided on to install with the system already. As you’ve seen in eznix’ video we get a lot of stuff to choose from right away, by the Zen guys. All is good. Too bad the machine refuses to mount my new external hard drive, so I can’t add my collection of bookmarks. :/
Next construction site I must look into. I bet it’s all easily fixable and a real Linux geek would do it in 30 seconds. But me?
Good news first: AUR and the YAY AUR-helper came with the Zen installer and had no problem finding my SL viewer. But then … ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Before giving up for today I quickly install the cool Brisk menu to replace Mate’s stupid 3 column menu … and install a custom wallpaper. Now the system is truly mine, just doesn’t do what I want it to do. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Okรฉ, that’s how far I got today: Base system installed, mild customization done, Brisk Menu and my most important programs added to the panel, internet and email working. Up to now I didn’t spent much more time than I’d use for any Arch derivative installation. Of course in Namib I wouldn’t have any problems still to solve, in Manjaro and others probably neither, can’t say exactly tho.

Anyhoo, now comes the geeky part, the part I hate the most. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Later today, tonight, or probably only tomorow. :/


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