Those Poor African Kids 🤫

Oh yes, those poor American younglings need our help, so they can grow up to be reasonable, responsible adults.


As an African-born person, I realise that poverty around here sometimes can be rife. Yet, as a small boy, I had some forty-odd young friends on the farm where we lived. We had joy and laughter, endless fun, mock war games as the farm was situated on a historical battlefield. It formerly belonged to General Christiaan De Wet during that horrid Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. A period of concentration camps, scorched earth policies, etc.

So, in our childhood innocence, we collected war memento’s on the former battlefields. Spent shells from Martini Henry and Mauser rifles, bandoliers, ammunition pouches, etc.

And then we made war! Hehehe

A great game we played was kleilat, which is a well formed clout of hand-formed clay at the tip of a flexible reed or stick. One can achieve a remarkable level of accuracy. And a slingshot I had and I knew how to employ it.

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