Happy Hippo! :)

Heyas … and sorry.

Yeah, I’m really sorry for this squeal of glee … \o/ Weeeeeeee! \o/ … and for a reason you won’t properly comprehend or have any understanding or tolerance for the editrix’s childish demeanour.

I’ll tell you nevertheless!

Because … try to stop me. Haha.

Okay, reason for my happiness is this:

Released on Monday, on Orca’s hardware on Thursday night.

https://s14-eu5.startpage.com/cgi-bin/serveimage?url=https%3A%2F%2Fencrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com%2Fimages%3Fq%3Dtbn%3AANd9GcRgLoFLFIpC7tgel3vzh0_tuXeOqT8DJUfr8KesL9AnY4fZ9nySDnh9viQ&sp=9f59f3eb3656b0193536402de23e5510&anticache=144755Nothing special, really. Gotz a new Linux Kernel, as it happens every so often, because the gang around Linus Torvalds isn’t exactly lame or sleepy. I’ve heard Kernel 5.3 is extra special good, with alot of new features and improvements all over the place.

But what makes me so extra particularly happy is the fact that I received the kernel with a normal system update and already have it installed on my machine while most of the Linux world will still have to wait for a certain amount of time, depending on how risky and fast the devs of all the other Linux distros are. Can be days, week or even months for them.

Update of last night: Kernel 5.3 included and automagically installed!

All I know is that Arch Linux users (I use Arch btw) can already sport the new Kernel, and don’t have to be afraid anyway. Linus Torvalds himself is project lead of the Kernel group and when he gives the greenlight for release you can be sure it is good!

So no need to dillydally like the cowardish Debian slowpokes.






    • If you can’t find a FOSS product that can do the same stuff as your digital audio workstation then, by all means, stick with Winapple. It’s about what works best for each individual. My software requirements are pretty low so I’m happy as can be on Linux.

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      • I don’t like the direction that a lot of software companies are heading for. Namely, the monthly subscriptions. I’m thinking of having a dedicated computer with all of the software that I need, and keeping it offline. At some point, it’ll be so expensive to use a computer, that it might compete with cable tv bills.

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        • Yeah, they are turning on the thumbscrews now. Can’t sell software anymore, rent it out as a subscriber service. And the hardware too. 😮
          One more reason why you find me on Linux.

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