Hello Americans, Pt. II

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After the great success of my initial English for beginners post, today’s topic of discussion shall be: per say

the guessed spelling of the Latin words ‘per se’ which mean in-and-of-itself.
And this is really astonishing as English, of all the Indo-German languages, has the biggest amount of Latin integrated into its very core. So I wonder how can so many people get it so wrong.
Correct spelling would, of course, be per se.
But wait! I didn’t say there isn’t a legit use of persay as well, if spelled as one word:
Referring to the number of times something is said.
But this is rarely used, and in most cases you’re giving the poor readers of your posts, comments and university thesis, nothing but advanced eye-cancer. And again it needs a fukn know-it-all Germanotart to lift you out of the valley of ignorance.

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