After the Drought

… we had extensive rains and still having the one or other little drizzle here and there, and the dams are quite full. So the whole of Cape Town should have enough water for a hassle-free spring and summer season. Of course the restrictions are not lifted so we all should be careful about wasting fresh water on our useless plants and gardens.

Another grim consequence of the droughts was that mosquitoes seem to have gone extinct. Oh, did I say grim? I meant Yippie! 🙂 But really grim and bad is the consequence of missing moschies, means there ain’t no food for the geckos and chameleons. 😮 Haven’t seen any of those fuckaz in quite a while and thought they’ve gone the way of the dodo too. 😦

But then today hubby nudged me and said, “Look at that poor tree that never grows.”

And I’m like “Yeah, let’s tear it out and plant something better or put a statue  of the gautama buddha in its place.”

And he was like “No, sexy dummy, there’s a chameleon!”

Ok, after careful consideration I think he just said dummy without the sexy prefix, but the chameleon was real. And not just one:

They are a bit  confused about their camouflage but I guess the one to the left does a bit better, while the bright green one is more flashy and  like “Look at me! Here, hoohoo! FUKN LOOK AT ME!!!”



    • Uh well … about the rain, ya, hmmm. Listen, nobody likes rain, it also drips thru the sun screens in our van and makes everything damp and wet and I get a wet ass when driving and heyyyy, we didn’t move to fukn Africa to be rained in!
      There a season for everything, and right now we’re drifting into spring, which means nobody wants to see any rains for the next couple months!
      Oh, and in the photo … those aren’t geckos but chameleons.

      Geckos are much too cool to give any fux about camouflaging themselves. They just stick to your walls and ceilings and there they are.

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