Can I Ask a Question Please?


Hey, good morning frens. 😉

First a little disclaimer, as I’m the last person with a computer who should have any opinion on browsers. Believe it or not, I’ve always been on Firefox since it’s inception. And before that I was on Netscape, FF’s predecessor. Never used any other browser, except Internet Explorer for the first two minutes, in order to download Netscape/Firefox and get into the WWW seriously.

And I was always pleased and happy with my browser. It could and can do soooo much more things and stuff than this simpleminded gurl would ever use or need. And when Chrome came out with big fanfare I wasn’t even interested in testing it out. Because Google, you know.

Of course the Mozilla Foundation gave us some crappy FF versions in between great ones, questionable decisions, not very userfriendly n stuff. But in the end they always saw what they did wrong and came back to the community. But I digress. Didn’t I want to ask a question? Yes.
Many many fiery foxes.

And that question is: WHY???

Why does the fondation feel it’s necessary to go from a 6 – 8 weeks release cycle to a super speedy 4-weeks cycle? I mean, technically why would they reinvent and /or finetune the wheel in such quick recession. The web is what it is, there’s not to much changes. When Orca or any other blogger publishes a new post, what does actually change for the web at large? Nothing, right. Ok, Automattic needs to buy/rent more storage space but that won’t change the technical workings of the internet at large. I bet if FF hadn’t changed anything in the last couple years I could still watch my blog and YouTube and download Linux ISOs. Same as always.

So why (the fuk) do they feel a necessity to release a new FF version  not bi-monthly but monthly from now on. What is there to update/upgrade from month to month?

Firefox on Orca’s Namib GNU/Linux looks the same as always.

I mean, I don’t care much, my superduper caring ArchLinux distro does all the stuff automatically for me and I wouldn’t even notice if I didn’t look exactly what files I’m stuffing on my computer during all the updates. Still I wanna know, why are they doing it?

Any of you awesomely intelligent readers know more about update cycles of internet browsers? Please let me, and your fellow readers know what you think.

Thx and cya latex


Extremists made even a Firefox wallpaper.



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