Tool Just Released a New Album!

Well, Linux, hop along now.

Maybe you’ve noticed the latest subheader of this very bloggy …

The chance of 2019 becoming the year of the Linux desktop is the same as Tool releasing a new album. :/

… one seemingly impossible thing just happened at the end of August, when Tool came out with a new magnus opus. Now we’re waiting with baited breath for the moment when Linux takes over the computing world. And not just the corporate world or the server world but the world of mom n dad desktop computers. LOL, for me, personally, since 2013 every year  is the year of the Linux desktop. Because it’s better.

For Tool, LOL, they immediately passed Taylor Swift on the Billboard charts and … just look at the comment sections underneath the videos: Minimal grammatical errors and nobody’s fighting. Totally new thing for YouTube. 😉


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