One More

Slowly even the tech giants are getting on the Linux train. And Huawei, as a Chinese corporation, has very good reasons to leave the American Microsoft nonsense behind and instead use free software for a free world. No?

If you were Huawei, what would you do?

Not that I’m a fan of Huawei and their prodcts. It’s the same Chinese shit the American hardware companies are selling you and they aren’t any more fair or consumer friendly than their American counterparts. Maybe just a little bit more honest. I don’t know. :/

Here, more awful news about groundless attacks by a spiteful nation. America has lost the trade war already, they just don’t know it yet:

Earlier this year, the US government imposed a ban on Huawei that sparked a trade war between China and United States of America. Google banned Huawei from using Android and other Google services like Play Store, Gmail etc on Huawei devices. It is still not clear if the ban is in affect or not.

There were also reports that Microsoft may also ban Huawei from using Windows operating system on its laptops. Could this have been prompted Huawei to opt Linux? I cannot say that but for sure Huawei is selling Linux laptops.

Of course this prompted Huawei’s move, dummy! I mean what else would they put on their laptops if not Linux? Consumers are so stupid these days, they won’t buy empty, unequipped hardware.
Huawei’s MateBook 14 with Deepin Linux (Chinese Ubuntu version).

Deepin Linux is also based in China and it has also been accused of tracking user data. A charge, Deepin developers have denied repeatedly.

Keep in mind that Huawei devices are not cheap in terms of pricing. They are, for sure, less expensive than Apple products but they are still high end gadgets and have been prices accordingly.

Huawei MateBook products are available on Amazon but not with preinstalled with Linux yet. Will we be seeing Linux option on Huawei MateBook in other countries soon? There is no official announcement from Huawei in this regard so we can only guess at present.

Guess what, Abhishek, Linux fraggles don’t buy shit on Amazon, they mostly frequent the goodwill stores and Lenovo factory outlets on eBay to acquire their hardware. And anyway, what would be the use of selling a Chinese operating system to the mainly American Amazon customers?

Asking me, I see this news story as a positive. Firstly it’ll get more users onto Linux, secondly it’s another step in the world’s move to independence from American corporate colonialism. And it will help educate the end-users!

Fuk Huawei! What the word really needs are ThinkPads. They also spawn from China.


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