Arch Linux in SL


Everybody knows that Orca is in SL with an ArchLinux powered computer. But the title means something different. For I have made the first steps towards an ArchLinux info center in my new OrCafé. Today I made vendors that hand out notecards with info and URLs for websites and download servers for 5 Arch-based distros: Arch, Manjaro, ArchLabs, Namib GNU/Linux and Archman. I will add more as Arch is slowly becoming a major force in the Linux community, and new users are slowly losing their shyness about the supposedly freaky geeky Arch. 🙂

The OrCafé – Lori 182,168,47

So, yes, this ain’t one of the usual old and outdated general Linuxy installations but a dedicated ArchLinux center. Will add more info n shit in the coming days and weeks, probably even change the building … yes, again. :/






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