Grand Tour 150919: Ascalapha –> Les Mamelles

Rather short but very relaxing cruise this morning …

Aloha sailors!

Just a shorty today since I’m sooooo so so tired. At least I managed to escape from Corsica and am in proper Nautilusian waters now, and well on my way down south, direction Blake Sea.

As much as I love my Bandit 50/3, my plan is to alternate it with the Class4o, as painted by Bianca and tuned for speed by Lucy. Here I am at Ascalapha island rez zone, ready to go.
It’s just a short, very short distance to the French islands on Nautilus North/Eastern shore.
I enter the typically SL tropical island world of this private islands estate. It’s all very tastefully built stuff here.
I’m not overly fast and have only 11 kts windspeed, still my computer struggles rezzing my surroundings fast enough.
Trees and rocks have a hard time falling into focus for me. At least the residents here are probably not permittted using banlines and security orbs. I love this place!
It’s almost boring sailing thru that little canal down the isles …
… but at least it’s not as dangerous as Corsica! 😉
In don’t think that house is originally grey. :/ /me eyes the graphics card sceptically.
BOAT THRU! Really? No, I wanna take a left here in order …
… to get to today’s overnighter location in …
Les Mamelles. This is a nice sandy tropical bay with some vacation homes, and no autoreturn of your shit, and free rez all over the place. Super duper.
Despite of today’s stage was a rather short one, I couldn’t have found a better place for staying one night.
They even offer a sufboard on which I can pose like a pro. 🙂

Hmmm, today’s Sunday, isn’t it? Thinking about maybe joining Kitten’s LCC cruise later tonight. Not sure yet …


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