Björk the VR Geek

I wonder if the Icelandic pop primadonna would be a cool asset in SL. Look, read …

I’m not a particular fan of her music but maybe this VR album is exactly the right soundtrack for Second Life?

That’s not me. That’s everyone. That’s the same Pagan little puppet you find in the Amazon, in some tribe.

Huh? Bitch what? 😮

As she explains, the final version of Vulnicura VR is a many-headed beast from a production and technology standpoint. Its seven VR videos play back in four discrete “engines,” and they were built by seven different production teams. The range of styles, from simpler 360-degree videos to “fully 3D” worlds, were all bolted together by the end of 2016 with a barebones budget and an early understanding of how to optimize VR content. Björk repeatedly calls out the “DIY” and “punk” nature of the whole production, adding that she’d watch exhibit attendees in real life and solicit feedback to tweak each VR video after each exhibit.

Ok, peepels, have fun. You’ll find me in my little corner of the internet, wishing to live on another planet. :/



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