Grand Tour 12.09.19 – Debelox –> Ascalapha


Finally. I continued my world tour today. And you lot thought the editrix was forever lost in RL Linux nonsense, didn’t you? But no, far from that. I still love sailing very much but was honestly a bit afraid of today’s stage, down on Corsica’s south-east coast. See the map above. Because it’s superduper tricky and you gotta pinch your boat screechingly across rocky outslopes, along banlines and security orbs and … it’s no fun. :/

But let’s see how it went, shall we?

Again I start as the Debelox raceline. Hopefully for the last time on this tour.
But before I can really cast off I gotta hoist the jib …
… and main sail of course. And set wind and autopilot too. It’s quite elaborative and exhausting work, particularly when sailing shorthanded and gotta do everything by myself. Poor little avatarine. :/
And then sailing isn’t a pure joy neither even though I set a pretty slow wind from behind, to make it easy for me …
… the navigable strip, between land and EOW, is very narrow and …
… with added security orbs and banlines a rather bitchy sailing area. Bad form for a continent with so much water. 😮
If it it was at least a nice coastline. But nooo…
Only very sparsely, I can let go and enjoy some real sailing.
But even in areas were it looks nice and open, I gotta keep my wits together. :/
Screech … freak waves trying to drive me onto the deadly cliffs!
But finally I can breath a bit more freely …
… and when eventually the little isle in Ascalapha,which marks the border in between Corsica and Nautilus, appears on the horizon …
… I decide to stop there for the night. In the background you can see the first sims of some private estate in Blake Sea’s surburbs along Nautlus’ east coast.
Of course autodelete eats my Bandit 50/3 (which I love more and more) but I guess I can survive one night in the comfy beach chair. 😉

Since the next stage will be slooow-@$$ sightseeing I don’t need to by afraid and pushing it into the future, but can and maybe will do it tomorrow. Hopefully. :/

Laterz folks …


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