ArchLinux Overkill on Orca’s Desk! :o

Hello Y’all 😉

Back from virtual sailing, now it’s time to care about some more pressing affairs …

From left to right: Manjaro on Gaga, Namib on MiniMax, Archman on Gagamore.

All my three desktops runing on ArchLinux derivatives right now. On the newly slowest desktop machine, Gaga, Hubby runs a Manjaro test for himself, in the center we see MiniMax, happily purring along on Namib GNU/Linux since more than a year as my production machine, and on the right side our new hero Gagamore Archman Linux, as was just reviewed by the editrix.

Overkill? I don’t think so. I’m that much of an ArchGirl, I don’t see any need to use any other distro for myself anymore. But of course I won’t ever need three desktops just for myself and my humble mom n pop computing needs, so two of ’em are on permanently changing distros, running long-term usability tests.

Dunno what hubby’s gonna do with Manjo, but I’m gonna replace the very very good Archman with a – probably – not so good LSLE Linux on my new little hottie, Gagamore. LSLE is a ultralightweight Lubuntu distro I had tested various times in the last couple years. I always liked it, kinda, but never allowed it to stay on my hardware for long. It’s ultralight and of course misses a lot of creature comforts your spoiled editrix insists on having at her disposal. LSLE knows what it is and even claims on its website its purpose on slow and old computers. In fact it would be super kool on my netbook, OrcNet, but that stupid Acer just developed some technical probs, so I’m gonna utilize the very nifty Gagamore. But maybe for you it would be perfect as a first Linux on your granny’s old lappy. My test of Archman has concluded, so it’s free for the next candidate. And since LSLE just released the lastest version, like, 2 days ago, I’ll do that next.




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