Obscure little graphics software. It’s a clone/reduced version/copy of the nifty PhotoFiltre program from France. I always loved it as it was a quick way to fuck up modify your photos without all the technical geekery and knowledge you need in PhotoShop or the GIMP.

That was in Windows times, and after I made the jump to Linux I was really missing my PhotoFiltre. The only thing I did really miss. Honestly. Then my Guruine pushed me onto Manjaro, which opened a whole new universe of software for me thru the Arch User Repository (AUR). My hope went up and crashed when I first discovered some brave soul did indeed try to port PhotoFiltre to Linux but obviously it went nowhere. :/

Now, years later, I just had an epiphany and in the spur of the moment opened the Terminal and tried again …


… et voila, no PhotoFiltre but PhotoFlare is available for download/installation. Hmmm, good enuff. As long as I can make my photos more spectacular without sifting through millions of menu items without even knowing what all the shit is about, I’m game. I wanna play!



And here we are in PhotoFlare, playing around and adding some special effects. Kool, so Kool. Of course you can reach the same effect in PS or GIMP as well, and much more, but this is just the right stuff for bloddy amateurs like me. For example this photo. I’d have no idea how to make it look like a carbon pencil drawing in any professional software. In PhotoFlare … matter of seconds. Ta-daaa! 🙂

Don’t wanna bragg … bullshit, of course I wanna bragg, this is just one of the special powers of ArchLinux and its AUR! Now I want you all to be, like, superduper jealous, hate your fukn Win10 crappola, and sing songs of praise to honour your inherently good, fair, innocent and sexy goddess Orcsibaby.

You may bow down now. =^.^=


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