Hey Debian, You Ok?

Hey awesomes 🙂

Today, respectively yesterday at the time of me writing this, I received not one but two emails by and from the Debian project. Ok, I joined their mailing list some time ago so I would be notified when the long-awaited Deb10 version finally came out.

Well, 10 happened, I installed it, hubby installed it, and my self-proclaimed frenemy Karmi installed it too. All three of us individually came to to the conclusion it’s crapola or at least not as cool as we expected it to be. So Orca’s recommendation to her housewife’s club was that everybody’s better off sticking to their recently installed distro.

That was, like, on the 24th of August, the last time Deb10 was mentioned on this blog.

And today/yesterday my inbox showed me two strange mails …


One was about the imminent release of Debian 10.1, the first update for Deb10. Ok, so far so good. But with the same release date …


… we also received announcement of the release of Debian 9.9.10, the last update for Deb 9. WTF? 😮 Okayyyy, everybody knows clocks are ticking slower in the Debverse, but announcing the last ever update of the outgoing version and the first update of the new version ON! THE! SAME! FUCKING! DAY!


So Debian is obviously ok but really weirder than weird.

It’s completely and utterly fubared, that’s what it is. Only good thing these doubleposts achieved was to remind me to unsub from Deb’s mailing list. 😐

My recommendation still stands: Stick to your guns! As long as you don’t have a buncha interwebz servers or a data centre of a multinational corporation to run, stick with Linux Mint (Cinnamon or Mate DE), it’s really that good. The bestest for your mom n pop applications. If and when you are bored and wanna get yourself into trubbelz, install a nifty Namib or Archman distro, see if that helps. 🙂


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