Have You Upgraded Yet?

If not you’re a bad person. 😦 But you can redeem yourself by updating right this instance … now. Do it fucking NAO!!!

Mozilla did a good thing. Good news everybody. 😉

No idea what this is all about, no concern for your privacy? Yeah, like I said, you’re not a very good person then, and totally girlish and living in your self-made oblivion. But doesn’t matter much, as long as you’re on Linux, any distro will do, you should be upgraded automagically. You can check by clicking the Help thingy in your FF’s menu bar, and there another klik on About Firefox. Like so:


This is screenshot of gud gurl Orca desktop. She be on ArchLinux so her Firefuck is always super up-to-date. See? Says magikal number 69, so Orca is save and secure. Like in momma’s bossom. You on Windows? Probably have to do it yourfuknself. Dunno, not be on Windows since Million years, so can’t say.

Best thing for you to do is Join the Revolution! And everything will be fine.



    • Well it’s the latest version, and for once the Mozzies have decided to do something right after all the bad and questionable decisions of the last couple years.

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  1. On windoof? In case you were smart using chocolatey it is easy as hell…

    open commandline

    type ” choco upgrade all”

    watch package mananger magic 😀

    but most win users prefer the stupid way

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