Feminazis Fighting Against Women! :o

Four freshly unemployed women. 😦

Only thing that differs between female and male ring persons  is the fancy job title for the boys: Fight Progress Managers. Oh, and the guys wearing boring business suits. :/ Come on! Come on!!! 😮

Hey, I consider myself a rather emancipated woman, always took care of myself (and of my husband as well) am fairly well university educated, always drive my own selfpaid cars and motorcycles, had my own boats and surfboards, know my job and have my own interests. I’m not co-dependent in any way. And always had agency. Still, when I was younger, I had some of those “promotion” jobs, which consisted mostly of handing out brochures and pamphlets while being dressed in a bikini and heels. Was fun! Didn’t feel objectified the least little bit while I was working. I guess the term objectified didn’t even exist back then. LOL

Not even wearing bikinis! Still ousted. :/

And now, look at what those radical feminists have achieved: Bullied four attractive young ladies out of their jobs and pushed males back in. Who knows, maybe some of the four girls have  children to support as well, or themselves, rent to pay, food to buy. Ever thought about that, feminazi? Bravo! A$$holes! 😦

Come on, somebody’s gotta hold that sign up, no? And better she does it than some grubby troglodyte. And doesn’t she look like a Second Life avie doing a \o/ YAY! \o/ gesture?
Orca could be a ring girl too. She just won’t smile. So, basta! 😐


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