Archman GNU/Linux – Mate DE

Hah! Now that I’ve found out what I did wrong the first time around, I installed Archman with my favourite Mate desktop. And it’s great! So there’s not much to say about it, which is the beauty and the best attribute of ArchLinux and the Mate desktop. It’s all so simple and easypeasy and serves its purpose without much ado.

But let’s still have a quick peek into the system, shall we?

As  always the first screenshot a couple seconds after install. Pretty fugly wallpaper but you and me, we all know we can make it prettier in a matter of seconds, so we ignore that for now.
Few seconds later I minimized the panel for more screen real estate and the red dot tells us, updates are waiting for us. Contrary to Xfce’s 19.09 version, Mate is still on 19.04, which also doesn’t matter. It’s Arch, it’s rolling, so with this initial update we’re on the same level as the 19.09 version.
Changed to a better walpaper while conducting the system update. Just stupid that the update fails … repeatedly. 😮 WTF?
But no reason for growing grey hairs about it, we just use the terminal and start the update from there. sudo pacman /Syyuu is a super duper mighty command that will stop the flow of time itself and completely updates every little-est shit. And it executes without the slightest hiccup! \o/ YAY! \o/
Since the desktop iself still looks a bit ruff and tuff but we know how to make it a pretty little Orca style desktop … we ignore all that shit for now and install a Second Life viewer from the AUR …
… IT WERKZ! Hello from the OrCafé construction site. 😉

No really, what can I tell you that you don’t already know. This is according to the Archman developers a true and unaltered ArchLinux install, just with the added luxury of offering a gaggle of various desktop flavours. Yeah, I guess it’s more or less exactly like Namib. Hm. :/ And in this case I can’t even be angry at the Archman devs since they are in the game a while longer than frederic2ec and their distro in on #84 in the DistroWatch charts, compared to Namib’s #186 or so.

I still like Namib better. Not only because of Fred’s personal care but also because Namib features an English forum. Archman tries it too but mostly fails in that regard. The biggest part of their forum is in Turkish, as most of their users are, and their manual/helpfiles are written in a very badly mangled Turglish. 😉 I know that doesn’t say anything about the quality of the distro itself but if you enter their forum as an anglophone or deutsche housewife you might find yourself standing alone in the desert. And the  overall layout of Namib’s homepage looks a lot more mature and professional, too.

Apart from that I guess performance and speed of Namib and Archman are the same as they both are pure Archlinux after the installation process.  No more weird Manjaro influences, we’re free now! 🙂

Is Arch a “toy Linux”? Only when you compare it to Debian, Debian forks, and those distros with professional paid-for help plans, like RHEL, SuSE, Canonical’s Ubuntu or Oracle. It’s not any more toy-like than any other of the gazillion distros out there in the Linuxverse. And besides, aren’t toys supposed and specifically engineered and built to give us good effortless joy and rugged stability? Mhm. So is ArchLinux.

It’s very, very good.



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