Now Inara Too! Oh Noes. :o

Lt. Pey back in the Nexus:

Inara did boldly go where no avie went before.

As nifty as Sansar is technically, it really ruins the appearances of even our most fancy bloggeristas. 😦

Any of you lovelies already in Sansar? I hope not, since you’re on Linux. Right? Riiiight??? But if you are in Sansar, how do you look?




    • Very very understandable. The new generation is much too stressed and busy with pure survival to spend their meagre spare time on such a time-consuming platform as SL and/or Sansar. And we oldbies, yes, we slowly wither away. And I don’t see a huge group of ppl using both platforms. Totally different concepts.

      I have nothing against those VR goggles, but I don’t see them useful in virtual worlds but in more scientific and medical usage scenarios.

      Good thing is, the good old blog will never die. 😉 Even after I said byebye to SL I’ll always have something to write about and show photos n stuff. Linux, Vanlife …


  1. ” have nothing against those VR goggles, but I don’t see them useful in virtual worlds”

    Couple of points: Sansar – as I’ve oft said, doesn’t *require* a VR headset. I don’t have one, and had no issue in using the Desktop client. The only thing the “VR” element means is that, as you’ve pointed out, if you’re on Linux or Mac, you’re up an effluent meandering backwater without adequate means of propulsion* – because LL did fall for the whole “VR is going to be the biggest thing on the planet tech wise by 2020!” nonsense, ad so focused client support on the only platform that “natively” supports VR.

    That said, I *have* had the opportunity to visit Sansar using a borrowed VR headset, and I have to say that the leave of immersion and sense of presence being “in” a 3D environment, rather than looking “at” a 3D environment through the lens / flat pane of a standard computer monitor has to be witnessed first-hand to really be understood. There are elements that break the immersion, true (when I tried it it was holding up a hand and seeing it as a glowing blue thing) – but even then I could see that smooth the wrinkles out, find a means for genuine engagement, and VR could become a solid entertainment annex.

    And beyond that, as you say (as I do) there are plenty of business environments VR can leverage – education, research, training, design, simulation, architecture – which Sansar (and Sansar studios) can become well-placed to support (assuming the Lab is not already pursuing opportunities along these lines behind closed doors – not everything in Sansar is in front of public eyes).

    VR also has a massive potential with art – the collaborative venture with Intel and the Smithsonian American Art Museum (see: demonstrates this.

    As to the Sansar Avatar 2.0, as I noted in my release coverage ( – the female is just odd. Its figure can perhaps most kindly be described as “less curves, more plank”.

    Two things that I’d love to see from Sansar in SL (but are really unlikely to happen, simply because of the underpinning technical complexities would completely “break” SL’s current avatar and clothing systems) are the deformation tools for the face (and soon, the body) and the Marvelous Designer(TM) clothing support / cloth simulation.

    I’m still working on my avatar – and the photo above is one of my early saved looks, as I’m still very much tinkering towards something of a more alien-humanoid look), and I have to say, the tools are incredibly powerful – way beyond anything that can natively be done in SL.

    The MD clothing support is just remarkable. Imagine in SL buying a Maitreya body and clothes that are specific to it, then swapping to a Slink Physique – and then going into your appearance editor, wearing your *Maitreya* fitted clothing, clicking a button and having them conform almost perfectly to your Slink body. Then begin able to fun-tune things by point-and-click: mask an elbow poking through here, roll up a sleeve, pull a jacket zipper up / down to open / close the jacket at the point *you* want take a scarf and literally wrap / drape it around your neck with a flick of the mouse pointer …

    (* This term is sometimes abbreviated as “up s**t creek without a paddle 🙂 .)

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    • Thank you kindly, Inara, for more in depth information. But as you said, as a happy Linuxer I’m not gonna experience any of all the new stuff anytime soon, as I’m not planning to ever return to the walled garden of MacWin. It’s too much fun out here in the wild Linuxverse.

      “less curves, more plank”
      Talkin bout me?

      Huaahahah! 🙂


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