What a load of hogwash …

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is obviously paid by the line. :/

Listen, Orca loves Linux Mint as well as the next Linux user. It is an overall nifty system with desktop environments which suit a majority of users, new and old, and a lot of built-in creature comforts. Yes, one can say it’s a well-rounded and complete operating system which is an asset on every computer.


ZDNet ain’t some garbage tier Linux fan mag, it’s a professional product and its writers are paid for their work and expertise. So when a veteran journo such as Vaughan-Nichols burst out in squeels of glee like “best Linux desktop” and “long-term support” than, excuse me, I blow a valve. 🙂 This is pure clickbait! A strategy so primitive, it should be far below Vaughan-Nichols’ and the readers’ dignity. He’s writing for fellow Linux users were it shouldn’t be necessary to talk to us in superlatives and other market-crier verbiage. We all know Mint’s pros and cons and all the attributes this system brings to the table.

Vaughan-Nichols should know that the best desktop is a matter of personal taste and workflow. It took me a while to accept this little fact, but what’s great for me is shit for other users. And what I find atrocious *cough Gnome3 *coughcough is perfect for some older, totally keyboard fixated pro-users. So naming Mint “the best Linux desktop” already in the subheader is not only journalistically questionable but also factually wrong! Vaughan-Nichols must know that Mint comes in 3 flavours, Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce. He doesn’t mention which of those he means when he propagates “the best Linux desktop”.

a low res linux mint favicon
Is this Mint’s new logo?

And the thing with long-term support … well, ugh, it is in Mint’s product philosophy, and what makes it so different from its mothership Ubuntu, that they only release LTS versions. It’s fukn system imminent in Linux Mint!

So what ‘s left in the end is just a release announcement: Linux Mint is now on version 19.2 Tina. It will be good until 2023, when it will be replaced by some other version. Little stupid Orca has no idea what that will be, obviously not #20 but something else. I honestly lost count, and I don’t care much anymore about Ubuntu and forks’ update policies since I’m in the world of permanently rolling Linux releases. And you too should be on that update path. But I digress. You can stick with Mint and still install a couple in-between releases.

Just note, not everything you read on the internet is true and wholesome. Vaughan-Nichols must earn money to pay the rent, and ZDNet must create profits in order to pay Mr. Vaughan-Nichols and similar hacks their line-money. We can’t and shouldn’t always expect quality journalism. :/


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