Do You Know Where Your Tax Dollars Are?

I guess they’re busy buying the best democracy you can get for money …

They made him an offer he could refuse!

Whoa! Don’t get me or the captain of that Iranian Oil Tanker wrong but when not even 15 million US Woolongs, serious extortion and ‘or else’s won’t help your unjust cause, I guess something is wrong and totally lopsided with the American narrative. Mhm, just a bunch of loudmouth wannabe mafiosi failing at work. :/

Hey idea! Washington, why don’t you give the money to me? I don’t have the oil or the tanker but at least I’m not trying to ship it completely legally on international shipping lines neither. So I can’t harm you or thwart your sinister plans. And, even better, I won’t even take all the 15 millions, let’s split the lot 50/50. What say you, deal?


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