The Bitch is Dead!

Good guy, bad guy?

I can’t and won’t say much about Mad Bob’s demise, from the little I know he had the same chance to reach greatness like Nelson Mandela but was too much in love with his power and not enough with the country. During Mugabe’s reign Zimbabwe fell deep and deeper into despair. What will come after him, I don’t know, don’t even know who’s president of that shithole right now. But I don’t see much chance for things to become better for Zimbabwe and its people. :/ Too many warring fractions and bonafide idiot aholes jockeying for position to create a better, more positive outlook.

From socialist freedom fighter to asshole.

My prediction: In the long run the vultures will get Zimbabwe. Is just a question who’ll claim the price, America or China. My money is on China, which would also be better for that poor, long-suffering country.

Fury and failings.

Say about that fucker what you want, his fashion sense was … err, let’s call it “ahead of its time”.


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