Archman GNU/Linux: Why?

Mörnin’ awesome peepels!

You may have gathered from the title this post will be about some Linux shit again. So all of you Windows diehards, you are excused and may bugger off. Go play in traffic. But don’t forget to eat your veggies, ok? The rest of you are in for a kinda review (not really) of yet another ArchLinux based distro. Slowly, or rather very quickly word seems to get around that Arch is the perfect base for everyday and everything computing tasks, so everybody and their granny are jumping on it and making their own distros.

One of those is Archman GNU/Linux, recently on #42 in the DistroWatch charts, and with that a good piece higher up the foodchain than my beloved Namib GNU/Linux. :/ But as every expert will tell you those charts are nothing but a beauty pageant and have no relation to the real world. Hah! Archman is developed in the Ottoman empire, nowadays better known as Türkiye Cumhuriyeti, the Turkey Republic, a.k.a. Germany’s Mexico. Since Linux is a worldwide community it really doesn’t matter much, since all projects, no mtter where they are based in the world have the same toolbox: The Linux Kernel  + many many Free and Open Source Software, Window Managers and Desktop Environments.

The Archman devs do claim that after the very easy installation (Calamares) the user will end up with a pure Arch and some desktops to choose from. Sounds good, right?  I mean the installation of vanilla Arch seems to be the greatest hurdle between the Linux hopeful and their success as freshly baked proud Arch users.

But then, excuse the stupid question, why tf are they all going the same route? Namib splitting from Manjaro (inventors of Calamares) was an okay and well-reasoned move since Manjaro isn’t really Arch anymore and kinda lame. But now we see more and more distros doing the same. I was curious nevertheless and …

First impression: They promised Mate but delivered fukn Xfce. And I hate those terrible modern flat icons. :/
System runs satisfactory tho and the initial update goes very quick. No wonder, the 2019/09 release is just a day old. I activate it with my top secret and superduper secure four-letter password. No, it doesn’t start with F, dummy. 😐
The Archman guys made a simple but tasteful and functional desktop … as far as Xfce goes. :/
But the real test is this: Install 3rd party SL viewer from the AUR and log inworld. Passed with flying colours.

Okay, that was only partially succesful. I probably made a mistake by installing a wrong desktop. Apart from that I rather liked how sparse Archman is equipped with only the most necessary additional software. And how easy and straightforward it is to use. As true ArchFraggles we’re always fighting The Bloat. Will look into it. But anyway, doesn’t any of those distro developers look around and check out what’s available before starting their own project? Do we really need one more ArchLinux fork?



  1. 🙂 Variety is said to be the spice of life.

    Since there are a lot of Linux distros that are based on Ubuntu, it is only fair that they have Linux distros that are based on Arch.

    Arch-based distros are no longer for nerds; the everyday folks are enjoying Arch-based distros too!

    I have heard about Archman GNU/Linux, but I never tried it.

    Thank you for reviewing it.

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    • I guess I’ve even tried it long time ago and didn’t like it. Wasn’t it only available with Xfce for the longest time? And yes, you’re right. Once installed Arch is as easy and soft on the nerves as Mint, just faster and modernerer. When I hear about all the tricks most distros are using these days to get new software, all those flatpak and other cryptic geeky stuffz … as Arch users we don’t even know what all that shit is supposed to be and do. :/

      I am as everyday as any everyday user can be. Still happy and feeling superior and smug and powerful on Arch. 🙂

      I love it that you see it the same.


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