And That’s Why

… Linden Lab’s Sansar will be a mega flop!

Not a drag queen. 😮

Among countless other shit that makes Sansar not available/not adorable for most SL residents, this is probably the most important. The newly modelled Sansar default avatar … FOR FEMALES! 😮 Looks exactly like its manly counterpart, only slenderized out of any meaningful proportions. Put a super fugly wig on top of the noggin … and here you go. Perfect recipe for disaster.

The techy rainman types at the lab are probably ultra proud of their new creation coz of less lag or sumfink and totally forgetting that our avies are the basis for any virtual world. Before any of us even begins building a house or vehicles or whatever, having an avatar we feel good in is the most important thing.

Sorry LL: No pretty avatar – no deal!

And then also no Linux viewer, no consecutive world, no login with weaker/older hardware – no deal neither! 😐 And, Ebbe, don’t come whining to me when they fire your Swedish @$$, because … I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. :/



    • In SL we have much more freedom to knead our avies into any shape or form we desire, from fatty globes into ultra slenders, from sexy bombshells to sporty jet pilots like Orca. But in Sansar the autists technocrats obviously took over the whole development department. :/
      Anyhoo, doesn’t touch me in no way since with my Linux powered computers they won’t let me log in at all.

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