New LCC Dock

Ahoi, pixelwater sailors of SL.

Just a short, very short hello from inworld. I guess most of y’all, who spend considerably more time inworld than me, know it already but our beloved LCC has one more rez spot and hangout place. According to club-internal rulz, as set in stone by our founder Tory Micheline, we can’t call the new spot an LCC Outpost, since it belongs to a commercial boatbuilding bizniz. And those, like Yacht Clubs as well, can sponsor the LCC with amenities but aren’t allowed to carry the proud title of LCC Outpost. That’s reserved for purely private parcels.

Anyhoo, ’nuff of that. I logged in this morning, on top of the race comittee tower at the Debelox raceline and sifted thru all the fantastilions of group notices, when I found one about the new rez area, TPd right away and …

… was unceremoniously dunked into the Blake Sea underneath Endeavour Yachts’ LCC rez area. :/
Endeavour Yachts occupies quite a huge area of the Pslande region. 
Hey, we get a little open air pub as well. The Endeavour guys seem to think we go there, not to party, but to fight! 😮
Whoa! It’s really a bigger area where they sell all kinds of boats. Even blue water fishing vessels.

And even more whoa! They even build and sell bush planes! No wonder they call themselves The Fun Factory of SL. But anyway, this post was only intended to let you know about a new rez area close by the Blake (as if we wouldn’t have enuff there already. Did you know that each Blake Sea region is rezzable in its NE corner?) It’s not intended to be an advertsing spot for Endeavour Yachts, for that I’d need to charge some monies. Hehe. 😉


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