Condres OS According to Karmi

Ok, I take this as the final proof that Condres is indeed a crappy POS. Certified!

Karmi don’t like Condres

Buggy and sluggish, yes, that’s about right and was my impression of Condres too, when I had it under the microscope, back in March. Of course I dismissed it as a bullshit distro but was never quite sure if it’s really as bad as I perceived it. I mean, me being just a clueless housewife and a spoiled ArchLinux brat doesn’t make me the most reliable distro reviewer ever, doesn’t it?

But now, seeing all my negative points being verified by Karmi with his thousands of years of experience, works wonders for my confidence. Because Karmi conducted the test like a real man, used not one but two computers and some weird machinery I’ve never  seen in my life. And still he ran into trubbelz during the installation.

Jeezuz, wotz dat??? Must be magic device for better install or so. 😮

But I can’t concur with Karmi’s final statement:

Anyway, I’m done testing this buggy Toy OS…

No, no, that can’t be right. Aren’t toys made specifically to bring joy and fun into our lifes? And since Condres is such a hot mess it’s of no use as a toy. Even less so as a serious computer operating system. And, hey, I’m not even saying it’s typical Italian (even though it is), since the Italians sometimes come up with marvels of ingenuity and genius and very tasteful industrial design. Cars, motorcyles, yachts, fashion, architecture, all very modern and stylish, as long as you don’t look into the details too closely. =^.^=

So I hope nobody has installed Condres OS. We have truly much better shit to choose from.



    • Until a couple weeks ago, when I accidentally fried MiniMe’s mobo, I had a functioning DVD burner that worked on all Distros I tested on that machine. But usually I never find myself in such awkward circumstances that demand me using that old shit. Oh and I also have a DVD burner flying around somewhere, that I salvaged from my old tower. But as I said: No need for that shit.

      And ‘enfant terrible’, I can live well with that attribution. Because according to the Collins English Dickshonary it’s:
      If you describe someone as an enfant terrible, you mean that they are clever but unconventional, and often cause problems or embarrassment for their friends or …

      Cool, very cool. I’m Aubrey Plaza everybody! 😉


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