Not All ArchLinuxes Are The Same

Howdy frens!

Yesyes, I know you’re waiting for some exciting stuff from the underbelly of Second Life, but … uh, well yes. I shall continue the slowest cruise ever pretty soon-ish. But before that I gotta poke you with another Linuxy news. Or let’s say Free and Open Software news.

You know Thunderbird, right? The most famoustest email thingamajick ever, used not only in Linux and BSD but I guess on Apple and Windows systems as well. No really, I used Thunderbird throughout all my digital life, and I guess the overwhelming majority of you lot does too, right?

So, please, open your Help and then you’ll find under About Firefox the recent version number. I dunno about you but version 68.0 has just been announced for Linux a couple days ago. And because of some technical hullabaloo we’ve been advised that it won’t update by itself, via the system updates, but we must download the new version from the Thunderbird website. :/ Weird.

Anyway, hubby and me decided to just sit it out and wait. Tunderbird 60.8 is still werking just fine so why hurry? And, anyway, we’re not just on any run-of-the mill Linux but on ArchLinux. Let me repeat that: ArchLinux! We had the vague feeling, or rather a hunch that our clever devs at Arch upstream would figure something out. Because downloading software from just somewhere on the internet, some lowly project site … come on, that’s way too pedestrian for us spoiled Arch brats.

And indeed, today we both received Thunderbird 68.0 with the latest system update, download and installation and some other softwares too. All in one single click. No need to even restart our computers.

But …

Photo cred: Hubby

… as you could see in the picture – if it wasn’t soo damn small – on the left screen, Manjaro, there is no update avised, and Thunderbird is still on the oldold version 60.8. Well, Manjaro is forgiven, they are a special case and update only fortnightly or so, and they, too, will have 68.0 soon. But now let’s not even speculate about when this hothot update comes down on lesser distros. Ubuntu, Mint, Debian n stuff will probably have to wait some more weeks and months before they, too, will get the new shiny. No idea  about the two biggies, Win and Mac, they are, like, totally insignificunt.

LOL, shiny? For me the Thunderbird looks the same as it always did, including my personal settings and tweaks. But nevermind that, I’m just over the moon happy with my super fancy, yet duper easypeasy Namib GNU/Linux.

And so can you! 🙂


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