Hubby Tried Gecko Mate

Hello again, 😉

You know hubby, right? Maybe not as well as I do, but you’ve heard about him. No wonder, I’m mentioning that fucker all the time and use him as an example for everything that’s wrong, but also cuddly sweet, with males. Well, he’s on the same Linux distro as me, Namib + Mate DE. And although his desktop looks vastly different from mine, it’s still the same Arch-based distro. But you know how our boys are, dontcha? My boy just can’t stand anything I’m happy with. It’s a principle I guess. And may this thing be the very bestest thing ever! He gets physically sick before admitting that his lovely waifu brought the bestest Linux OS into the house.

His main reason for not liking any ArchLinux-derivatives is the many many updates we receive on a daily base. I can’t see what’s wrong about that but he must see it as a negative attribute. Okeeeee…

ArchLinux system update of just nownow: Newestest Linux Kernel 5.2.11 and brandspanking new Nvidia graphics driver 430.40-7. I don’t understand how some people’s kidz don’t want all that awesomeness. :/

So now hubby’s on a quest, trying to find another cool distro that features the Mate desktop. He at least agrees with me on that desktop, and that it’s the second best thing after KDE. And after my very positive review the other day, he decided to try Gecko Linux with Mate as well.

And he modded it to his weird esthetics. Dunno what’s wrong with boys and why they all want the system panel on top  but … okeee. Ultimately he disliked the system anyway, eventhough Gecko is a lot easier and friendlier that its mothership OpenSuse it was too clunky and uncomfy for his taste. Good boi. 😉

Ok, guess his quest will go on. Hmm, maybe he can eveen stay in the Arch-y world. What about Manjaro Mate with a very conservative update policy? That amounts to one huge fortnightly or weekly one instead of multiple small daily updates.

Well, not my concern. Not sayin’ jus’sayin’ …


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