Lab Gab

Yooohooo all you wonderfulls!

The show for everybody who wants to watch two averagely pretty Second Life avatarines sitting on very tasteless, probably blood drenched and then convered in bedsheets, recliners somewhere in a brothel in SL. It’s a brandnew concept. It’s hip. It’s groovy. It’s fashionable. It’s full of technical problems, like so many live shows on YouTube. First Berry’s mic didn’t work at all, then  it sounded much louder and better than Xiola’s. So expect to be shocked a couple times during the runtime of the show. 😮

Hey, I’m not the most technical person ever – one of the many reasons why I’m using Linux – and am super duper sloooow and patient … but even I lost my cool demeanour pretty fast and didn’t watch that show in its entirety but made this blogpost instead:

Lab Gab is a live streaming show hosted by Xiola and Strawberry Linden. Join them on Wednesday, August 28th at 3pm PT. Details here:…

Keep an eye on the Second Life blog and social media for future announcements about the show:…

Links to topics discussed in this episode: Official Second Life Flickr Group:… Destination Guide: Bakes on Mesh Announcement:… Bakes on Mesh Knowledge Base:…

Ya, I guess the Lab Gab show is more aimed at n00bies and doesn’t hold much of entertainment for oldbies. :/ For a supposed variety show I expected more … well, variety. :/ Methinks the girls could have made better use of the location by giving us some poledancing spectacle. 🙂

But rest assured, from now on I’ll let you know when (and if) this show airs again.

Look, Inara already bloggered about it!

Seems she’s as undecided about Lab Gab’s format as I am:

I confess, I’m not a great fan of live streamed events (outside of things like meetings, where there tends to be a more formalised approach to things), simply because at times things can get dragged out or take a sudden right turn away from something that might have otherwise been interesting. However, there is no denying the seat-of-the-pants sense of adventure those actively leading / participating in such events can feel, and the very unpredictable nature of where things might lead can add to the appeal for a watching audience.

Yes, unpredictable. Dunno about you but I prefer watching a properly made show, not some amateurish giddy-up. So as long as you’re not overly interested in what’s the name of Berry’s homeless cat you can give this show a pass without missing much.

PS: Oh noes, it’s a set, made specifically for this show! Not an actual location. :/ Expected something much nicer and warmer there.



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