I mean … come on! Wotz dat?

So, it’s an official trailer for Star Wars Ep. IX – the Rise of Skywalker. And  it’s 99% scenes from the first 8 movies plus a brief glimpse of an obviously angry/evil Rey. OMG, did she go to the dark side?

Who the Fuk cares?

Of course I’m gonna watch that spectacle … even in the theatre, spending real money for a ticket. Or two, if hubby can be bothered to accompany his childish waifu. Not because I have any hope for Epi 8 to be any good but just so I can say I’ve watched all the official Star Wars movies. Dunno and can’t help it, I like to find closure. In everything. The only thing SW that interests me now is The Mandalorian, and maybe the one or other animated series. But I hope to not see any live action movies from that franchise anytime soon.

And … LOL!

“Some points for effort.”


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