Grand Tour: Here We Go Again!

It became awkward, right? My good computer is back since at least  a week or so and I haven’t done any sailing. Bad girl me. :/ Shame shame shame. 😦 But this morning I took a heart, bought a new rez zone finder and finally set sail again …

After a short while I already found a rez area not too far off the Linden Memorial. I guess you can’t rez your shit any closer than at this buoy in Arancione.
And away we go! The memorial with its dysfunctional dock in the background.
I set wind to 11 kts from 270° but ignore the gennaker because I know the route will be narrow and dangerous. So better go slow and careful.
Looks nice and sunny, right? But intrepoid cruising in foreign waters is never romantic but always full of pressure and dangers. 😮 Very stressful.
The plight of the single-handed sailor: After a brief pee break I gotta raise sails all by my lonesome. Pheeew. :/
Nice nonsensical off-sim island and rainbow. But it’s gotta be said, shit like this makes a nice memorable waypoint. 🙂
Can’t leave the coast and sail out to sea too far since Corsica’s coastal waters weren’t made with sailors in mind.
Typical tasteless SL coastal architecturec and landscaping.
Between the EoL and razor sharp beachy islands. Not a nice place to be. 😦
That grey braickface house is of questionable taste.
Nice way to mark the EoW, using breakwaters as we know them  from RL marinas.
Similar to these phantom rocks.
Truly astonishing how much empty land there is along the coast.
Another good waypoint: Bloodhawks Enterprises Main Store.
Coast looks nice for the most parts but is a bitch to sail. 😮
Permamoored luxury yacht is a nice way to live?
Then in Unsurt sim we get the Debelox race line in sight.
That lighthouse used to be Jane’s Debelox Yacht Club …
… and I end today’s cruise already there.

Mhm, it’s exactly my last cruise, only in return. Initially I didn’t plan to stop in Debelox again but wanted to go further down south and reach Nautilusian seas again, but … well you know, it’s hard when you’re lazy. And totally overtired. But I know you can hardly wait for more saltwater stories, and I promise this time I won’t wait as long before I continue my Grand Tour. 😉


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