Does That Sound Exciting?

Best Linux ever!!!

Or so they claim. And the public thinks so too. New release MX Linux version 19 Beta is out. With the brand spanking new Xfce 4.14 n shit. Weirdly neither Karmi, nor hubby nor humble little me liked MX18 too well. In so far I don’t really know if I should install MX19 beta for a little test drive … :/

Sounds good, But is it all that?

See, kids, the thing with this Linux thing at large right now is that it’s all so good, so mature, so close to perfection for every kind of user and every kind of workflow. It’s not the radical fun of old times anymore, where you could find totally bad Linuxes and super bad GUIs, bad hardware detection, crashing shit all over the place.

Today a usual Linux distro is good. Not for everybody but for the avised target group. Our Welsh rambler, Chris Were, obviously thought the same in his lastest video. Reviewing a Linux distro, any Linux distro is boring and free of surprises, positive and negative. That’s what I mean when I talk about ‘mature’ distros. And MX, as DistroWatch’s recent #1 Top Hit is a very mature distro! So I guess I’ll give it a pass.

Thankyouverymuch. 🙂

This reminds me of …
… that.



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