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Hello peepels of the free world,

Karmiboy o boy, it becomes ever harder to get into a lively yet reasonable discussion with Karmi since he disabled comments on his blog. :/ Provocation, lies, bad puns, ignoring all counter reasoning, refusing to answer questions. His motivation stays foggy … and then he goes into hiding. A strategy globally known, suffered and hated as “American pseudo freedom” or “cowardice” in the rest of the world. Or, short, trolling.

Still let’s assume Karmi’s gonna read my answer. My answer to this:

Please read the rest of Karmi’s article, it’s a guilty pleasure at best.

Ladies, gents, let’s take a peek at the very next paragraph:

There it is in a nutshell! Over 600+ Distros with each having 3-8 different DE’s and/or Flavors and who knows what else – that adds up to over 2000 Linux Desktop/Distro versions. The Linux ‘Fanatical Users’ will claim that more ‘cooks’ are needed in order to give Linux users (current & future) more ‘choices’ – they are egotistical Charlatans, at best, and should be ignored. These same ANTIFA-ish Linux ‘Fanatical Users’ attack Linus Torvalds, basically suggesting that ‘They’ know what the ‘Proper Direction’ is for Linux to take. Mark Shuttleworth calls them “haters” for their radical views … I would suggest that they are just blinded by their hatred.

I don’t know what’s so fanatical or egoistic about coming to the most logical conclusion. The more choice we have, the better will our final choice fit our personal needs. I guess Karmi looks at the whole Linux phenomenon from the POV of an American business guy. If he wants the whole infrastructure streamlined into one base distro with one desktop he should take his business to the right people: The Linux Foundation. They are the corporate funded organisation to care about his vision. They exist outside of the  real Linux community, the grassroots developers and users without any commercial interest. The Linux Foundation plays no role and has no say and no foothold in the real Linux community.

ZilchAnd again I gotta ask what ANTIFA’s got to do with anything Linux?

I know we’ll never get an answer. Because there is none. Karmi uses terms like “Antifa” and “Fanatical Users” just as the empty word capsules they are. In the curious case of Linux there is no connection. None. Nada. Zilch. Null. Zero!

I have no idea what Linus Torvalds means with “They” according to Karmi or what the “Proper Direction” for Linux is. But contrary to me, Karmi seems to know. So why doesn’t he bother the correct people and orgas with his ideas instead of little hobbyists like Orca. Oh hey, I don’t even regard Linux as a hobby of mine but just my favourite computer operating system. And I like it, and the chaotic culture around it. I like the freedom to choose my personal best distro, and knead and bend it to my liking. I don’t mind seeing ever more and more people joining the Linux crowd and learning, maybe for the first time ever, that computing is much more than just the walled gardens of Microsoft and Apple.

Many of these same users avoid CD/DVD-Roms, printers, graphic cards, Wi-Fi, etc because they either know they won’t work and/or they are unable to get them to work.

LOL, what a poor argument. I know printers are still a bit problematic … because the printer manufacturers won’t release their drivers for Linux. Graphic cards are fully covered, AMD and Nvidia both, and used in Linux, with free community- and original manufacturer drivers. Wi-Fi works without any hiccups. And so do CD/DVD-Roms. Unfortunately for Karmi, nobody uses spinning discs anymore cause they are clunky and slooow. I and many others are using USB sticks, and some total dummies are even in “the cloud”.

At the same time I couldn’t care less about Linux taking over the world or a greater piece of the marketshare cake. There are highly paid propagandists in place to worry about stuff like that, exactly, the fabled Linux Foundation.

Linux is free! Look at the GNU license and you’ll see. Everyone, really everyone, is free to take the Linux kernel and make something from it. And that is okay. That is great. Karmi and all the other streamliners may ignore all the shit coming out of thousands of momma’s basements, as everybody else does too. Let the kids play and ignore them. Cream rises to the top, so the worst crapola will go under and disappear. For various boring reasons.

Ubuntu’s Mark Shuttleworth

Same as some of the famous and established distros are only so famous and widespread because of high levels of propaganda and funding or laurels they’ve earned in the past. *cough* Ubuntu *cough cough*. Is that a “Radical view”? Or worse, does it sound like “Hatred”? I guess it’s just a neutral assessment of the situation as it presents itself to me and the greater Linux public.

If we would set the clocks back and start today, with the same amount and maturity standard of distros as they are right now. Do you honestly believe something like Ubuntu or Windows had a small chance to end up anywhere close to the top? Don’t be  ridiculous. No, no. I bet the situation would be similar to what we see in DistroWatch’s ranking: Debian and Debian forks for servers and security concerned and /or professional users, RHEL, Ubuntu and SuSE for corporate drones, Arch forks for the rest of us. Those few bases each with a handful desktop environments and maybe some Window Managers … and that’s it. Microsoft and Apple wouldn’t be anywhere near the Top 10, I think not.

Streamlined enough for you, Karmi?

Fortunately Okra bears no resemblence to Orca since she’s neither a fanatic nor using any Dell computers. Karmi noticed how hilarious his attacks are since he put ‘Fanatical User’ in apostrophes which I guess means it’s not his real opinion.



  1. Reblogged this on The Swamp Hermit's Report and commented:
    Frankly, my Dear, I don’t care if you want to do the “Enfant Terrible” ANTIFA-NAZI ‘Goose Step’ all day long on your blog; however, you’re not going to be allowed to do such on my Linux blog. I’ve told you before that comments are open on my political blog – carry that “Enfant Terrible” ANTIFA-NAZI ‘Goose Step’ behavior over there and comment all you want.

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    • Ooooookayyyyyy…

      1) If anyone here plays the enfant terrible, or as we call it in SL ‘griefer’, and the internet at large a ‘troll’, it’s you. I’m strictly staying on topic replying to all your misconceptions point for point.

      2) What is an ANTIFA-NAZI please? Sounds perverted. I know I’m not asking for the first time and you still haven’t come up with a meaningful definition. So I regard such empty word capsules as white noise and will keep going on ignoring them.

      3) And what the fuk does ‘goose step’ mean and why you put it in’?

      4) Your Linux blog reads more and more like a pointless Microsoft agent provocateur.

      3) I don’t know your political blog.

      4) Although I guessed all the time that Swamp Hermit and you are one and the same, you prefered to lie to me and said you had nothing to do with him. So of course I treat them as two entities. And why would anyone comment on some nonsense you published in your Linux blog on a completely non-related blog by some swamp hermit? Makes no sense.

      5) Why you call good old-fashoned democrats now nazis all of a sudden really needs to be explained. It’s highly irregular abuse of your mother tongue and turns you into a gaga-clown.


      • So many lies in one reply here. One controlled by ego and hate tends to lie often, e.g. “3) I don’t know your political blog,” and yet you have posted there:
        Islam – Religion of Peace: 2019/03/24 at 10:34 am – “Karmi, all you’ve got are anecdotal facts, some cruel shit here, some murder and terrorism there. Haven’t your teachers in school taught you ton not use anecdotal happenings for reasoning? Because they don’t count and are crap. People are crap, all colours, all countries. We could t ry to do a bodycount who killed more inncocent people, blacks, coloureds, whites, and which religion caused more deaths, muslim or xtian. Only with those number you can make a valuable argument. The rest is crap and puts you in a corner with fukn racists and rightwing extremists and other primitive haters. And nobody wants to be in that unsanitary corner, right?”

        And as recently as – President Trump on Antifa: 2019/07/26 at 10:52 pm – “And, yes, I know, many bikers are radical right wing patridiots, but in their form and shape of bikers at a biker’s rally they are non-political.”

        Another lie – “4) Although I guessed all the time that Swamp Hermit and you are one and the same, you prefered to lie to me and said you had nothing to do with him…snip” Told you in the very beginning, told and posted many times that I have 2 blogs, and posted here as Anonymous, Karmi ‘TUX’ and Karmi original – you knew them all as one. (BTW, you misspelled preferred whilst you were lying…).


        • “One controlled by ego and hate tends to lie often”
          Oh good then that I don’t let these things control me. I’m not a hater. I provoke, I am hard on people, but I never hate. And even if – you wouldn’t know. I tend to totally ignore shit I hate.

          “I don’t know your political blog,” and yet you have posted there”
          So, that’s your political blog? Thought it was the Swamp Hermit’s. And never considered that shithole a political blog. And, as I said I had a hunch about Swamp and you are one and the same, but didn’t know. And anyway when you present yourself with seperate names and seperate blogs you shoud expect to be treated as several persons with several blogs. Because I’m not willing to follow you into your unsanitary swamp of hate and irreproduceable mad thoughts.

          “Told you in the very beginning, told and posted many times that I have 2 blogs, and posted here as Anonymous, Karmi ‘TUX’ and Karmi original – you knew them all as one.”
          And you don’t find that the least bit crazy? Why you hiding behind so many artificial dummies, one worse then the next? BTW, I only know of Karmi and the Swamp Hermit, never heard about the other imagined hateful fools. And even if I knew, I tend to forget insignificant shit. Mostly on the spot.

          And swoosh. Already forgotten. 🙂

          So, no lies from me. I’m physically not capable to tell a lie. But your sick schizophrenia obviously makes you lie … a lot.

          “you misspelled preferred”
          Ya, so what? I’m an ESLer and Anglisi isn’t even my prefered foreign language. I wanna see your attempts of correct German,Danish,Nederlands or Russian spelling, then come back and we can talk about mastering foreign languages and who does it better. BTW, how’s your Latin?

          глупе́ц 😐


    • Until a couple weeks ago, when I accidentally fried MiniMe’s mobo, I had a functioning DVD burner that worked on all Distros I tested on that machine. But usually I never find myself in such awkward circumstances that demand me using that old shit. Oh and I also have a DVD burner flying around somewhere, that I salvaged from my old tower. But as I said: No need for that shit.

      And ‘enfant terrible’, I can live well with that attribution. Because according to the Collins English Dickshonary it’s:
      If you describe someone as an enfant terrible, you mean that they are clever but unconventional, and often cause problems or embarrassment for their friends or …

      Cool, very cool. I’m Aubrey Plaza everybody! 😉


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