• To be fair, if we’re talking practicalities, it’s no transfer anyway 😀 One of these days I’m going to try some stuff on my system body and see what happens, it has been years since I tried. x

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        • I only buy mesh clothes when they also come in normal sizes, like XS to XL and don’t need a brand body. I’m always XS since I’m so cuddly and tiny and “featureless”. Imagine a stick with a round bobble on top. Dat be me. =^.^=

          You practice yoga in RL too?

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          • Haha, like a bobble-head doll? Cute ❤

            And no I don't. At least not yet. I got all inspired when my friend started talking about her yoga classes until she told me it was mind yoga and they just lay there for the hour on a yoga mat. I mean, I do that at home only with the TV on. So maybe one day. I'm guessing you do?

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            • Hah! No, I guess I have a quite normal head/body ratio. Just my body is rather very skinny and underdeveloped in the tits ‘n’ ass department. Pretty close to my RL body actually. Nobody ever accused me of being curvacious. :/

              I’m an actively practicing yogini. Iyengar (static), Vinyasa (flowing) and sometimes even Bikram (hot) yoga. You should try it. And of course towards the end of a practice you usually add like 10 minutes, laying down and have a meditative mind journey through your body. Oh, and at the beginning you do some minutes of breathing techniques.

              Never heard of that stuff your friend is describing there. Sounds rather bland, like a pretty lazy form of meditation, doesn’t it? A full hour? /me shakes head

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    • Iyengar Yoga.
      It’s pretty technical in so far as you get into a position (asana) and hold it for a certain amount of time. Iyengar’s point is to do very exact asanas, while in Vinyasa you’re allowed to be sloppy while you flow thru the motions. It’s good for core stability and increased flexibility. Although yoga instructors always stress the point that it’s neither gymnastics nor sport Iyengar has the wholesome health benefits of sports … without you even breaking a sweat. 😉

      But be careful! Many fitness clubs, like Virgin Active i.e. offer some weird stuff they call Yoga Fit or such nonsense. It’s more like weightlifting or so and only for bragging rights. Best join a regular yoga studio or your local ashram. They have yoga and meditation for free … but happily accepting donations. 😉

      And another point: Your friend’s classes may sound pointless but meditation is and was always a huge part of yoga. Or to be more exact, yoga is a sideshow of mediation, a meditation in motion. Not lying flat on your back for a full hour but for some minutes after every yoga class, in a guided meditation.


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