Debian 10 Pt. II

So tonight hubby had a good hard look at Deb10 and … didn’t particularly fall in love with it.

Eventhough Debian’s 10th installment is only out in the open since a couple days, and hubby did another system update, the software is pretty old and outdated. Here we have Libre Office in version …
… while on Minimax’s Namib GNU/Linux it’s already on! Quite a quantum jump and for me another reason not to bother with with “stable”, “Long Term Support” Linuxes anymore.
Same goes for Firefox, which comes with Debian only in it’s ESR (Extended Support Release) version. Of course you’re free to install a more sexy up-to-date version, but in its default state Deb10 Buster is pretty outdated and cowardish.
Hubby also got rid of Mate’s standard menu, which is kinda 10 years old or so and replaced it with the fancy Brisk menu. Soo so much nicer. And that’s what is so nice about Linux overall: You can make it completely your own.

So, what to conclude from our distro test? Debian 10 Buster (the stable version) has become a lot better, more userfriendly, in  version 10. It’s still not completely on par with many other distros. I guess user friendlyness isn’t very high on the Deb devs’ to-do lists. At least it’s easy peasy installable now and just the right stuff for people who rank uncrashable ruggedness over highly fashionable up-to-dateness.

I just checked on Linux Mint’s LMDE but those slowpokes around Clem Levebrve aren’t ready yet for the jump to 10. I mean that would be perfect. Debian’s bomb-proovenes combined with Minty Goodnes. Let’s hope they’ll release their Deb10 spin soon.

So Deb10 in its vanilla state is not for your hughly fashionable editrix. But it was even too tardy for security conscious hubby. :/ He wants to take another look at GeckoLinux next. Ya, maybe that one is just right for him.



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