A Last Hope

Long have we waited. Not for the official Star Wars fubared saga’s 9th installment “The Raise of Skywalker” or such  nonsense title but for something I’m saying since years and years would be the only thing that can save the whole franchise: New characters, new stories, same galaxy but only losely tied to canon. Rogue One and Solo didn’t go far enough in that approach, they were really close to the original canon. The soon to come Obi Wan Kenobi movie/series obviously falls into the same trap.

But this is new. It’s the only, the last chance to excavate the Star Wars franchise out of the landfill most of us have buried it in. Look how they can save themselves:

Looks good, looks cinematic (eventhough it’s a TV series), looks dark and brooding. This could be just the right stuff to bring the old, the original fans, the 50 – 70 crowd, the guys with money to spend, back on board. Forget about the fukn stupid SJW millenials. They have no taste, no clue, no money, no future. They aren’t the real fans to fill Disney’s coffers with fantastillions of woolongs (Oops, wrong franchise, LOL).

Come on, lets think about it for a moment here. What was the best SW product in ages? Star Wars Rebels, right? A fukn animated series, probably cheaply made butt with a cool rag tag crew of interesting characters of various backgrounds: A cool jedi master: check. A delinquent shithead youngling, soon to be jedi padawan: check. A comedic relieve Lasat guy: check. A ill-tempered droid with its own opinion about everything: check. A sexy female twi’lek, head of the gang and pilot: check. A clever, super techy and artistic Mandalorian girl warrior: check. And every single one of these cartoon figures had more personality than Rey, Poe, Kylo, Finn and Rose combined. This was a bit like Cowboy Bebop in  a galaxy far away and far worse musical score.

And there you have it. The perfect ensemble to guide us through some action but not stupid episodes. It was great fun and hubby and your editrix both enjoyed the fuk out of it.

MandalorianThumbnailAnd if The Mandalorian series plays out with the same kind of stories and pace I will have a good feeling about this. 🙂

Let’s hope for the best.



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