Debian 10 with Mate Desktop


Oh my, what problems I had with Debian 10 during my first attempts to even install it. Turned out it wasn’t Debian’s fault … not entirely. Don’t get me wrong, the devs are surely from another planet than us but once you get around various shit and get your geek hat on you can indeed have a wonderfully nice installation of some simple modern desktop environments.

It’s true: Deb10 comes with the champion of the masses, the wonderful Calamares installer! \o/

Among them my beloved Mate and your beloved Cinnamon.

It’s all there. But don’t believe, not even for a second, the Deb team made it easy for us to even find the download location. :/
The result is, as you can see, a super primitive Mate desktop, without any curation or customizing efforts. Stuff like user interfaces for human beings is of course far below Deb devs’ dignity, so we gotta do it ourselves. :/
After 5 minutes of playing around in the settings I came to this. Stil not perfect, and Mate’s 3-pronged menu system is the only one on offer. So, yes, lots of additional installation work awaits me now. As if I knew all the Debian/Ubuntu commands. :/ Something with /apt-get install or sumfink, right?

Hm, for now I’m not overly smitten by Debian’s lack of service. With half-arsed attempts of not really trying to get us all to convert to Linux’s grandfather distro, I really can’t say I’m recommending it. Of course I will try to make the system more appealing to my humble taste, and particularly hubby showed a heightened interest in Debian (he can’t stand Arch’s always-up-to-date method, can you believe that shite?) and will probably bend and knead Deb10 to his will.

More about our progress later, but for now I need to bugger off and leave you here. Got an appointment to swim with the whales.

Laterz xoxo


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