• How’d you know it’s mine? LOL, ok, I’ve reported quite often enough about our Oubaas in this bloggy, so everybody knows he and me are a team. 😉 Considering his age (Mk1 before the first facelift, built between 65 and 70) the original engine is long gone and dead and was replaced with an Ford Essex 3 liter V6 engine. Haha, that old wreck doesn’t look like it but can really pull!

      And since some weeks I have a serious chance to get real paperwork for the van and can finally get it registered (yay!) and pay licence fees (oh fuk). The last 1.5 years I’m flying underneath the radar of the police. 😐

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        • Rapid? Yeah it is. I mean I never drive it fast since with the loose no-power steering and those 225 racing tyres it drives very … let’s say interestingly. It’s really hard keeping that thing on the road sometimes. Particularly when there are many lane grooves. But in urban traffic our Oubaas is a bundle of joy.

          5l V8 diesel? Didn’t know Ford UK made engines that big. And I don’t like diesel anyway, alone the fugly pig snout of the Transit diesel models turns me off quite badly.


          • Oh, and here at the cape, with all the aggro salty air you can watch your car rust away. When I got Oubaas, like, 1.5 years ago he already looked like shit but not as badly rotten as he is now. 😮


            • In got the van already with the V6 fitted. Got an obviously selfmade doghouse to fit it in. Is a bit loud but pretty cool. Love how spunky the old fugly van is tearing up the asphalt if I wanna. 🙂


  1. 🤔 Some type of animal could have dragged the chicken foot there.

    I once had a labrador retriever that killed a chicken and ate it; the only things that she left behind were the chicken’s two feet, its beak and intestines (It is something that I will always remember).

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    • Yeah, could’ve been some predator but I doubt it since all around that petrol station I’ve never seen any gardens with chickens in it. But they are selling them in the convenience store right next door. Some hungry peasant must’ve lost that foot from their lunch box.

      How are they called correctly in English anyway, talons?

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