I Don’t Really Know What I’m Doing

Hai sensational people

Clickbaity titles like this one are usually a sure way to determine Orca’s about to pamper you with one of her oh-so-clever Linux tractates. And you would’ve been right to assume so. 🙂 Reason for coddling you with some Linux wisecracks is that I have a bit of time to write an opinion peace, but not nearly enough to chronicle the next stage of my Grand Tour. Because, you see, in order to write that piece, I first gotta sail it, including finding a  rez spot, making a rough plan of the tour in my head, get the wind and windlight ready and all the good stuff. And do all the photos! 😮

No cruising story today 😦

And then get into the right, meditative state of mind I need for cruising. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So another little Linux propaganda rant it is … for now.

That’s so NOT Orca!

The title, of course, is true, as I’m everything but an expert on Linux. Yes, true, younger Orca’s job even consisted in small parts of Unix system administration, but I only did it when my coworker was sick or on vacation. And for the most of the daily procedure I was strictly following a script, hardly knowing what all the enigmatic commands I typed into the machines were supposed to do. My main job was Windows user support and hardware acquisition and caretaking, so more of a merchant’s job. So much for my earlier expertise with Unix-like systems (of which Linux is one, same as MacOS). Not much, eh? So you can consider me a total n00b when, in 2013, I switched to Linux.

So indeed when we first started with Linux it was for absolutely practical reasons: Hubby’s computer didn’t work good on Windows anymore, so I told him about this new fancy stuff, Ubuntu, everybody was talking about, and if that would maybe help with his problems. And indeed it did, and he was sold on the spot, a Linux fan for life.

My own machine was getting a bit long in the teeth by then and developed more and more problems, particularly with Second Life.  So a couple weeks after Hubby I slowly and carefully and very afraid, followed in his footsteps. But since I’m such a fancy woman I immediately went to Linux Mint and ignored Ubuntu. I never liked vertical system panels – as in Ubuntu’s Unity desktop – anyway, so I was rather happy to find a much more Windows-like user interface in Mint’s Xfce flavour. And then the guruine happend … and the rest is history.

Never liked that panel specifically

Of course its a great advantage if you can find a guru, full of wisdom and willing to help. But one can and will find answers to most questions, solutions to all your problems, as well in the countless Linux forums. Either distro-agnostic, general Linux forums or the ones for specific distributions.

https://s14-eu5.startpage.com/cgi-bin/serveimage?url=https%3A%2F%2Fupload.wikimedia.org%2Fwikipedia%2Fcommons%2Fthumb%2F7%2F78%2FDemotivational_RTFM_Prudentia_Statue_on_the_Brussels_town_hall_%252853522136%2529.jpg%2F220px-Demotivational_RTFM_Prudentia_Statue_on_the_Brussels_town_hall_%252853522136%2529.jpg&sp=ee0c68541e8a98d251eb445e7c1a726a&anticache=510342Some of them are maybe not as helpful and n00b friendly as you expect and you only get the typical RTFM answer. But to that I can only say they should make better Ms if they want us to RTF. =^.^= Because what many Linux experts don’t get is that not everybody is interested in all the geeky shit and solving problems we never have in the first place since we don’t treat our computers like science experiments or as if we’d hate them.

We are predominantly users. And we dare using our Linux distros – like really using them – to get results and to get shit done! We don’t wanna play with Linux and we don’t have a concept to prove or an axe to grind. Just doing our stuff. And what can I tell you? It is possible. Very easily and with fun and no problems. In fact I use and love Linux because it is easy! Easier than that convoluted Windows shit. Yes, you heard me. 😐

I’m saying this with conviction and knowledge. You don’t have to be a geeky expert, you don’t need horn-rimmed glasses, zits or a life-long tenure in momma’s basement. In fact you can be a fairly normal person, a productive member of society … and Linux will be even better for you. If Orca can do it so can you!

Peoples, once again: Linux is magic, ok, but it’s not cursed! It’s just a very clever kernel, made better by some clever desktop developers and distributors. By its very basics it’s a lot simpler than Windows … lots and lots simpler. Just because it’s new for you doesn’t mean it’s some satanic ritual or a top secret CIA project or anything like that. Linux is made to be used. Used by human beings. Only thing you need to bring is …

  • the willingness to forget everything about Windows and Mac. Linux ain’t one of those.
  • tolerance and positive preparedness to learn a handful new things.
  • AGENCY! Which means you gotta do it alone, by yourself! Your BF/hubby doesn’t know an iota more about Linux than you, so why bother asking that blabbering idiot for help? Stop being a co-dependent sidekick. You’re on your own, and that’s when you are at your best, when you are strongest!
  • a dedicated Linux machine, as I so often explained already. You don’t wanna ruin your working Win setup and we don’t recommend dual-booting, so better get an  extra computer fot that. Laptop/desktop doesn’t matter. I don’t care. Who am I, your fukn mother? And, hey, as a woman of means you know how to use a credit card and cash money, dontcha? So off you pop to the Goodwill Store.
  • a USB stick >1GB or a writeable DVD blank if you’re still one of those people.
  • one hour of your valuable time.
  • the URLs of Linux Mint and its forum … and maybe, if nothing helps, the URL for Thar She Blows! 🙂

Isn’t it exciting? I opened the book for you and showed you where the next chapter starts, you just need to follow through.



  1. I’m a firm believer in having a backup plan … and in double-checking. There is no Linux Distro better than Windows 10, and I’ve done a lot of double and quadruple checking; however, I like Linux (Ubuntu and some based on Ubuntu) and have trained myself quite well on it – *AS* a backup plan in case I ever find Windows 10 lacking and/or trying to sneak in a service fee on me. BTW, I recently bought an OEM Windows 10 Pro license key from URcdkey for $11.74 – price was listed as – “Price: USD 14.67” – but I had a code # that lowered it to USD 11.74. Activated with no problems. Bought an OEM Windows 10 Home for $35 a few months ago, from another outfit selling gaming software mainly, but also great deals on Windows 10. USD 11.74 for Windows 10 Pro!?!

    …a dedicated Linux machine

    One of those rare times I find myself agreeing with radical ANTIFA-ish ‘Fanatical Linux’ user Orca. Some great deals going on recently for laptops – have heard the beginning of school year seems to bring the lower prices – tho I suspect restocking with newer stuff is also involved. 15.6” full HD for less that $300 (bought mine for about $250). These are new and as cheap as refurbished, so I went for the new – run Ubuntu 18.04.3 and WIN10 on it (not a dual-boot). Still, spending USD 250-300 for a “dedicated Linux machine” – that is a laptop and totally separate from any Windows machines you might have, is not only a great backup plan, but an incredible price, IMHO!

    …I never liked vertical system panels – as in Ubuntu’s Unity desktop…

    I went with the ‘Dash to Panel’ app on all my Ubuntu installations … removes the top bar and side bar, sorta combining them in that “Windows-like user interface” Taskbar on the bottom.

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    • “There is no Linux Distro better than Windows 10, and I’ve done a lot of double and quadruple checking”
      Everything that’s good and outstanding in Win10 was already well-known and used since years in Linux. And must I remind you of all the other small things that render Windows useless for the normal user?

      “radical ANTIFA-ish ‘Fanatical Linux’ user Orca.”
      There’s factually sooo much wrong in that short half-sentence, it’s hard to believe. As members of democratic societies we all are antifa by design. Else we can immigrate to e.g. the Ukraine and other openly fascist US-backed states. No need to be radical in any way. Also I’m not a radical Linux user, as already explainified at earlier occasions. Radical Linux users are those experimenting code kiddies who just wanna see the world burn by doing stupid shit to their distros instead of just using them to get work done.

      And I wouldn’t wait for or count on great deals by the famous big box mailorder stores but go exclusively local, second hand, out of leasing contract, or goodwill store. And only Lenovo, Dell and HP, nothing else. Save the environment by not having cheap-ass lappies shipped around the country.

      “combining them in that “Windows-like user interface” Taskbar on the bottom.”
      Sounds reasonable, and in most Linuxes you have the option to push your task bar around the screen in all 4 positions. Nothing new under the sun, except maybe for Ubuntu with that Gnome3 desktop abomination. That’s only good for radical power users who only operate with the keyboard and despise the mouse. No real human being does it like that.


  2. I am currently at 11 computers, is that to many? my dual core are all 64 bit , i do have some old 32 bit laptops mainly running mint. After reading your post yesterday , I bought a quad core dell on ebay for very little money. Time to start getting rid of the old machines – that will never happen. But i really should try a few more distros. I have windows mac and linux. Guess in just a big old computer tart.

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    • 11 computerz? Wowsa!!! Yeah, that’s many, but not “to many”, not even too many! Neil, I’m proud of you for giving them a good home and using them for whatever tasks. As long as they are 64-bit all is good. Yeah, getting rid of the old machines isn’t a good idea, you’ll never get enuff money back that makes it worth your time. Rather use the old crapola as doorstops or make 3d wallpapers from their motherboards:

      Nothing wrong with your Mint, absolutely nothing. It’s a near perfect everyday workhorse distro. It relaxes and smoothes you down and is even a bit bland. If you’re up for some more excitement in your life may I suggest you try some or the other ArchLinux derivative?


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